Tweetle Dee Barn Star Collection

We are so excited to bring you a new collection of "barn art",  introducing the Tweetle Dee Barn Stars & Hex Collection!  Growing up in the Southern Tier of New York on the Pennsylvania border I have always loved the colorful signs painted on barns and homes.  A few years ago I started my own collection of hex's.  

Barn stars or hex's have been around for 200+ years and were painted by the Pennsylvania Dutch which consisted of a group of settlers from the Rhine region of Germany.  They came seeking religious freedom and included the Amish, Mennonites, Lutherans and other reformed groups as well.

Like other immigrants, they brought traditions and art with them to their new home.  Floral designs, stars, birds and other designs graced their marriage certificates, family Bibles, quilts and furniture.  Fancy farmers also decorated their large barns with geometric patterns.  The six pointed star was the most popular design.

These round pieces of folk art were called barn stars or hex's.  The German word for six, “sechs”, sounded like hex to their English-speaking neighbors. In time these “hex” patterns became commonly called hex signs.  Many of these designs had meanings. Families selected a hex sign based on color, design and its meaning. Some of the more popular symbols included: hearts for love, birds for luck and happiness, tulips for faith, and stars for good luck. 

The colors used for painting were also carefully chosen because of their added meaning. Blue conveyed protection, white purity, green abundance and red strong emotion. The hex symbols were individually hand painted for many years.   

You can still see them today in Pennsylvania as well as in many states and countries.  I love the history of them.  My ancestors were counted among those German immigrants.  I appreciate the simple blessings they wished upon their families as I wish for those we well.  
Having my barn stars/hex's is a reminder to me of our values and heritage.  Besides, the color, design...and they are round!

You can find the growing collection in My Shop.  They are hand painted on solid wood and are sealed for use outside and in.  I have one in my kitchen and one outside on my shed.  I love looking out the window at it.  I hope you love them as much as I do!

For those of you who like to paint and are interested in painting your own, we are working on dates for a class this summer on these gorgeous pieces of folk-art, so keep watch and I will announce the date and place as soon as it is scheduled.

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