Chalk Art Christmas Hoops

These little ornaments may just be my favorite addition to our big family tree this year!   I'm calling them Chalk Art Christmas Hoops and they are so simple and easy to make you could get your little elves involved too.


3" to 4" Wood Embroidery Hoops
Black Fabric
Pom Pom Trim
Glue Gun
Deco Fabric Pen - Pearl White

To make these Chalk Art Christmas Hoops you stretch the black fabric into the wooden embroidery hoops tight!  You will want it tight because as you write with the marker, it will stretch and loosen the fabric.  The tighter the better.  

The next step is where the magic happens.  Find a design you want to put on your ornament and using the DecoFabric Pearl White marker, draw your design on the fabric.  You may need to trace it more than once to get a good "chalk line" on the fabric background.  Let it dry for a few minutes.  My tip after making a few of these is to keep your design simple.  They show best the more simple they are.

Once your design is dry and finished glue your trim around the outside rim of the wood embroidery frame.  Tie a ribbon around the top screw piece and hang from the tree using a ornament hanger slipped into the opening where the screw is located.

I love making these ornaments because they have the look of chalk, there is no sewing involved, and it gives your tree high impact without a lot of time!  I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did.

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