The Hum of Bees

It's been raining here in Utah for most of the past two weeks and everything is growing like crazy.  I planted a few flowers and my herb boxes last week and already have a couple of inches of growth.  If only Peter, the wild rabbit and his accomplices would stop eating the big blooms, we'd all get along.  I mean, there has to be something for the bees to sip on.

I have had this pattern drawn out and sitting in my travel bag for a couple of months just waiting for the perfect time to stitch and I guess all of the rain did it for me because I finished it last week.  I love my wildflower garden and especially the hum of the bees.  They particularly love my husbands comfrey plant.  We can hear the hum of their tiny wings in when we sit out there in the evening and it is delightful. 

That delightful hum was the inspiration for this new pattern which is loaded in The Shop today.  If you are looking for a little project you can tuck away in your bag while you are out and about this summer, this one is super small, easy, and cute.  

I hope you have a fabulous Monday and a great new week.  I drew out my next hoop-art pattern this morning and am running to Jo-Ann's to get the floss.  I can't wait to get stitching again.

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