Falling Into Love

Fall is by far my favorite time of the year.  Besides the colors, cool weather, and wondrous smells of this season, fall is the time when my husband and I met and married and my birthday!  We recently spent a weekend away in Park City, Utah to celebrate those two family holidays.  It was so beautiful in the mountains, I didn't want to come home and then my son Addison gave me this picture of our backyard.

His eye caught the beauty in my own backyard and I am thankful he took the time to show me again how blessed we are live in this magical place.  

When we were in Park City we traveled over the Alpine Loop and took some beautiful shots of our favorite Aspen trees.  The mountain is covered in them...just begging for a good game of hide and go seek.  You could loose yourself in there for sure!

I found a tree carved for my husband (I promise I didn't carve it) but who ever did ...thank you!  I love him too!!!

We had our 15 year anniversary this year which is a milestone for us because we have been with each other longer than we were with our former spouses.  It is also means more to us because we are both happier and more in love now than when we met!  I am so thankful for Mike and his unfailing love for me and my children...he is my rock and the one my soul loves.  

We love this time of year....and look forward to a long season of "fall"-ing into love again!

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