A Wedding in the Park

This past September was one of the most blessed months of our lives.  We had our own daughter and our sweet "adopted" daughter Alicia both get married.  They have been "sisters" since they were gawky teenagers.  They were engaged within hours of each other and married two weeks apart. 

I was so honored to be asked to help her with her wedding.  Alicia wanted a fall picnic in the canyon for her wedding.  We were all a little worried about the weather in late September, but we couldn't have been given a more perfect day.  Alicia found her stunning dress at an antique shop in Oregon and it could not have been more perfect for her!

Alicia's dream for this day was to have a venue in the canyon, handmade quilts on the ground with beautiful flowers and a picnic dinner of peanut & butter sandwiches with peaches and cream for dessert. Each quilt had a hand built wood tray in the center with a powder blue ceramic berry basket filled with the most exquisite flowers by Sarah Winward.

Her sweet sisters made jelly jar favors to give to the guests and the labels were tied together by her beautiful bridesmaids.  They made pear-vanilla, berry, strawberry, and orange marmalade.  (My personal favorite was the pear-vanilla!)

The picnic dinner was fabulous with the homemade bread and nut butter/jelly bar, but as the sun set and the band began jamming their own kind of "jam", the guests kicked off their heels and danced until the moon was over head!  

Their send off was so sweet and personal in their vintage family bus and the scent of lavender and maple "twirlers".  The lavender was from her sister's garden and the maple "twirlers" came from the tree in her family's front yard.  

We dearly love Alicia and Colby and happy that they found each other.  We miss them terribly as they are on a three year trip to China....but we know the time away will go quickly and they are having a great extended "honeymoon"! Their wedding was one I will remember forever!!!

Flowers - Sarah Winward
Photography - Abby Hicks & Jessica Peterson
Venue - Big Springs Park in Provo Canyon
Cake - Magelby's
Lighting & Design - Tweetle Dee Design Co.

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