Happy Spring Hoop Art Pattern

Happy Spring!  It seems like this first day of spring in the beginning of the year.  Though I love the winter for it's white and bright, I really love spring and the renewal of everything.  We have baby chicks, puppies due next month and our rhubarb is already sprouting!  I'm sure we will have a few more flakes of white living on the mountain, but a new hope is here today.

Today new to The Shop is our Spring Hoop Art Embroidery Kit.  It is a simple, wreath with flowers popping up, buds blooming and a couple of bees taking a peek at all the new colors!

Spring Hoop Art Embroidery 

Our kits come complete with everything you need to begin and finish your hoop art piece.  We also offer three colors of the wood hoop, natural, stained, and black.  We also link you to our You Tube Channel where you can watch all of the stitches used in this Spring Hoop Art.

This embroidery is a part of a four part or seasonal group.  The four hoops are so fun together with their bright colors and seasonal flowers.  The kits are on sale through April!  If you are itching to get stitching this year, this is a simple and fun set to begin on.  

We hope you are seeing a little more color in your part of the world and have a beautiful first day of spring!


Last Days of our Spring Sale

It's Friday!  I don't know about you, but it has been a long week and I am so ready for the long weekend.  Our kids are off today, so we slept in and made waffles to start the weekend a little early.  Plus the sun is out, which after two days of snow is a gift.  

I am posting today to remind you that this weekend ends out quarterly Spring 25% Sale with everything 25% off and ready to go!  It ends at midnight on Sunday and we will not have another sale until summer when we are back from classes and markets.  

Farmer's Daughter Floral Barn Quilt

We hope you take advantage of this sale to get your spring and summer barn quilts, kits, and patterns ordered.  This offer includes custom orders (which we love)!  To get your discount, use code SPRING at checkout. I hope you have some great plans for the weekend and include stopping by our shop as one of them.

For us, we are finishing up orders for shipping tomorrow, helping our brother's family move into their new house, celebrating little Abigail's birthday and I'm writing a mini-talk for church on Sunday on having faith over fear.  I get so nervous sharing in church.  I can teach huge workshops and do television interviews without a sweat...but speaking in church does me in.  So, pray for me and hopefully it all goes well.  Ironically, my subject is about fear!  

Life is kind of that way right?  I hope you have a great weekend and stop by the shop to get your orders in before midnight on Sunday.  


Flying Swallow Barn Quilt

There are several classic quilt patterns that I have always loved and I am so happy to have patterned and painted one of my all time favorites, the Flying Swallow.  Whether made with brights or lights it is a pattern that moves and turns.  We have it in The Shop in four sizes with custom colors available.

Flying Swallow Barn Quilt

I have sent the pattern off to our graphics team to get the pattern completed for next week's workshops in Iowa and will add it to the shop as soon as we receive it.  I am already painting my next Flying Swallow Barn Quilt in brights and can't wait to share it soon.


All Blocked Up Sale

Happy Monday and Daylight Savings!  Are you feeling in pieces today like me?  Daylight Savings always gets me a little "blocked up" as we adjust to the time change.  I'm not complaining though about the longer nights!  To make our Spring 25% Sale even more fun, all of our Barn Quilt Block Sets are marked down in addition to the Spring Sale pricing!

So throw all of "your pieces" up in the air and put them back in amazing patterns today.  Our Spring 25% sale ends this Sunday, so don't miss out on our last big sale before summer.  I hope your Monday is fabulous and where ever you are the nights are getting longer, the grills are lit and a little spring is in the air.

Happy Monday!


Belle Prairie Collection Barn Quilt Block of the Month

We are so excited to introduce our new Block of the Month Barn Quilt, the Belle Prairie Collection!  The idea for this collection came from our visit last summer to Belle Prairie Nebraska which was the place my Grandmother's Great Grandfather homesteaded.  The rolling hills waving in grain and wildflowers filled my soul and I wanted to create a collection that shared these prairie florals and their special meanings.  

The collection showcases twelve prairie flowers with their meanings, such as Queen Anne's Lace for Devoted Love and the lovely Coneflower which means Abundant Blessings.  I thought I had a favorite, but after painting each one I honestly can say I love them all.   Each month's flower is painted or kitted for a 16" planked hexagon!  The shapes and colors are amazing together.

We have several ways you can enjoy this Belle Prairie Collection.  You can purchase the Block of the Month as monthly kits which will ship the first week of each month.  The cost for the kit is $30.00 (details are on the shopping site.)  You can also purchase the painted collection as individual blocks or the entire set.  

Belle Prairie Block of the Month - Month One
Black Eyed Susan
Justice and Mercy

In the coming month's we will be adding our Belle Prairie Quilt to the collection, as well as many embroidery and wool projects with these adorable flowers.  There are a few other Belle Prairie surprises which I will keep to my heart for now.

I hope you love this collection as much as I do.  It has been months and months in preparation and I can honestly say it is more than what I imagined.  We are heading to Belle Prairie in a few weeks to photograph this beauty on the plains of Nebraska where it all came from.  It will be a special moment for me and I can't wait to share it with you.  For now though, we hope you will want to paint, sew, and stitch the florals of Belle along with us this year.


Blooming Bees Ribbon Embroidery

Our newest ribbon embroidery sampler is here!  You all know how much I love hand embroidery of all kinds, but I do have to say that my absolute favorite in the timeless art of ribbon embroidery.  The texture and richness of color you get by hand stitching silk ribbons into florals and leaves is incomparable to any other embroidery.   

Just look at those woven roses and feathered leaves!  The way a ribbon turns through a needle and fabric is so close to the arch in a real flower and honestly it is fairly simple to learn.   This Thursday I will be teaching two Beginning Ribbon Embroidery workshops at the USU Sewing and Textile Conference.  I am so excited to share this art with educators who will then share it with their students.  We will be sharing this workshop throughout this year in several places so keep an eye out for upcoming dates.

Until then, we have these finished Blooming Bee Samplers in Our Shop as well as kits for making one yourself.  Each kit comes with everything you need to make one of these hoops as well as link to our online tutorials, so even if you can't make it to our hands on workshops, you can follow along and learn what you need to.  

So, whether you want a Tweetle Dee Ribbon Embroidery Hoop Sampler or a DIY Kit we have you covered.  Also, our Spring 25% Sale is still going through March 16th!!!  Use code SPRING at checkout to get 25% off everything on our site.  Happy stitching, painting, or whatever you like to do.  


Fairy Tale Toast - Fresh Living

The top food trends this year have everything to do with breakfast.  It should be no surprise to any of us, as it is the first meal of the day and we all need a little something special to get us going.  One of my favorites was the decorated toasts...yes, toast.  It is so simple and quick to make which is a blessing to busy moms and grandmoms.   We are calling our creations Fairy Tale Toast.

Princess Unicorn
The ingredient list you need for these Fairy Tale Toasts are super easy to pick up and store in your fridge and pantry.  You need a hearty bread such as Jack Sprat Wheat Bread, an artisan bread or even an English muffin would do.   The base of the "frosting" is simple whipped cream cheese that you can find in your dairy section.  If you want to cut calories you can use the low-fat option.  

Three Little Bears & Friends

There are two ways you can approach Fairy Tale Toast.  First is a super healthy version with the dyes made from natural ingredients.  Meaning, no artificial coloring.  Or you can use regular food/gel coloring.  I have used both and our kiddos ate both versions up without even knowing the difference.  However,  there is a taste to the natural ingredients that you may not like.  It's really a personal preference.  My opinion is that is you are doing something out of the ordinary a little coloring and a sweet treat does not hurt.

For the natural coloring use - 

Red/Pink - Freeze Dried Strawberries
Blue/Green - Spirulina Powder (Found at most health food stores)
Yellow - Ground Tumeric
Purple/Blue - Acai Powder or Freeze Dried Blueberries

Just add a little of these powders to whipped cream cheese and blend with a spoon until the color is thoroughly distributed.  Hint  - If you want you children to help make the "frostings" mix the powders in a little ahead so they don't know where the colors came from.  I had mine grind the freeze dried strawberries in a Ninja to make the powder.  When they asked about the green/blue powder I told them it was from a green berry.  Yes, I told a white lie, but it got them to eat the whole thing...and they loved it!  So, healthy versions work.

However, if you do not want to mess with the natural powders or expend the cost of the ingredients, you can use simple gel food coloring.  I like the gel because the color is more vibrant and it holds up with the whipped cream cheese.

I like to take a little plastic container that has a lid and add the cream cheese to it.  Add in the coloring and mix with a spoon until the color is all the way mixed.  I like mixing them in a plastic container because I can screw the lid on and keep the extra in the fridge for the next time we want something fun on our toast.

Once you have your "frostings" (whipped cream cheese) ready you can place them on the counter with some smooth knives and let the kiddos decorate their toast.  You can create ocean scenes, rainbows, teddy bears, unicorns, and just about any other magical thing you wish.  After they are frosted...it is time to finish your masterpieces.

Now for toppings!  I love to place a variety of toppings out for the kids to decorate their toast, but if you wanted to surprise them with a unicorn or teddy bear I think they would love it still the same.  Gather together some berries, sliced bananas, avocado, nuts, or any other fresh topping you like.  Remember to make it colorful and look at it as if it is a art piece.

For the not-so-healthy options I love marshmallows for clouds, licorice ropes for hair and eyes, Buggles for horns, of course you need glitter and sprinkles which can be found in most cake decorating isles.  I also like to use fruit leather for shapes like the beanstalk for our Jack in the Beanstalk and for leaves too.  Just use your food safe scissors to cut out shapes and lay over the whipped frostings.

Rainbows and Magic Dust

You can see how fun these Fairy Tale Toasts can become.  With the cream cheese mixed in containers and a little stash of topping goodies in the pantry, you can whip up a special breakfast in the time it takes to make a piece of toast.  For real...this is my favorite food trend of 2018.  

Jack and the Beanstalk

You can catch my television segment for KUTV Fresh Living by following the link.  We would love to see your creations.  Send pictures to me at my Instagram by tagging @tweetledeedesignco.  I can't wait to see what you and your little ones create!