Flying Swallow and Fellowship Star Patterns

Two of our most requested barn quilt designs are now available at Tweetle Dee. The Fellowship Star and the Flying Swallow are in the shop as both a PDF download and a paper pattern to ship.  Our patterns allow you to paint your own barn quilts on any surface in any size.

The Flying Swallow

All of our patterns include color diagrams, Prairie Paint color suggestions, a black and white design grid and our How To Paint a Barn Quilt instructions.  Our instructions include board selection and paint/finishing instructions to get the very closest you can get to our design looks.

Flying Swallow & Fellowship Star 
Barn Quilt Patterns

The Flying Swallow is a traditional quilt design, which we designed as a colorful rainbow prism with white and black as an anchor.  We have painted many of these and shipped them all over the US and Europe.  It is one of my all time favorites.  

The Fellowship Star

The Fellowship Star is also a traditional quilt block that we designed to encourage community and gathering.   The points of light on the tips bringing in all under it's light.  Now, you can paint your very own.  

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