Broken Dishes Barn Quilt

Happy New Year!  We are so excited for a new year.  You know how you just get those feeling sometimes that tell you something so good is headed your way?  Those feelings come once in a while to me, and I feel this about 2023.  It feels like the beginning of a new adventure, and like all adventures, there are all kinds of experiences we have.   So, as this new beginning is here, I am feeling all the hope that this will be a good adventure we will celebrate together.

Broken Dishes Barn Quilt

As we head into January I love to hang my Broken Dishes quilt.  It is a daily reminder there is beauty in things that are broken.  When I think about the previous year, there are good days and challenging days that when summed up, become a part of the beautiful adventure of the previous year.   

How I came to love this design was looking in an old trunk in a Pennsylvania Dutch farmhouse.  In that trunk, we found an old hand stitched quilt with a note attached saying "Broken Dishes".  The origins of the Broken Dishes pattern date back to the 1790's and is one of the earliest recorded designs in quilt history.  Half-square triangles are arranged to form the pattern of this simple design.  We aren't sure of the dates the quilt we found was sewn, but it was evident with with hand stitching throughout that many hands worked this together to make one special quilt.

Broken Dishes Hand Stitched Quilt

Many of us have broken pieces from the previous year that are left in a swept up pile.  When a new year begins, we all look back at our experiences of the previous year and make plans or goals for the new.  For me, what has been so helpful through therapy is to look clearly at what was "broken" and place it in healthy frames to heal and make something good again.  

Broken Dishes Blue Willow 
Barn Quilt

We have the Broken Dishes Ready-to-Paint Barn Quilt Kits available in two gorgeous color-ways.  We have both the Geranium with all the gorgeous reds and pinks and the Blue Willow inspired by the old Blue Willow dish collection.  All of the colors used come from our Prairie Paint Collection and are available in paint sets in our shop.  

In Our Shop this week we have the painted Broken Dishes Barn Quilt with kits, patterns, paints, frames, and already painted barn quilts in Geranium and Blue Willow . 

In addition to the painted barn quilt, we also have a live class available for this design on Saturday, January 28th.  To register for this class go to Our Shop and sign up.  Our vision statement for Tweetle Dee is to Celebrate + Dream & Create together.  We hope you will jump into this new year creating with us in our online classes.  

To celebrate this new year use code CelebrateDreamCreate and save 23% on all orders this week.   We hope you had a beautiful holiday season with your family and friends & best wishes for an amazing year.  Let's make it a year to celebrate and create a little more joy in our lives in 2023!

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