Spring is Here

We had such a happy weekend with the first signs of spring coming up on the mountain.  Easter is one of my favorite holidays because of how simple it is.  A few eggs, a few flowers, a cute bunny and the remembrance that our Savior died so that we can live and have second chances.  It is a perfect time to clear out the old and look at the fresh gifts we receive in our renewals.  

I painted a few wooden eggs with my favorite Prairie Paint colors, that looks so much like the natural eggs we find in our chicken coop.  It's inspired me to pull together a sampler pack of our colors for the season.  Watch for it come very soon.  

I finished the Bud and Dot patterns and created a couple of kits for them, and of course our darling bunnies wanted to show them off.  The kits are available in Our Shop with all the fabric, floss, hoop, needle and instructions to make these darling bunnies.  They are so cute you will want them all around year round.  

All of my ceramic bunnies became a collection of dark chocolate bunnies with a couple of coats of Espresso Brown Satin Spray Paint.  I gathered them together with some vintage Easter cards and Prairie Paint eggs.  It was quick and easy and was the perfect look for my spring table.   

The snow melted off just enough that we could have a small egg hunt on the lawn and the back patio and we all soaked up the rich, golden sun.  It was a lovely day to be together and help our two toddler grandbabies find their eggs.  It took a little wrangling to get them to put them in their baskets, but it was a really fun time.  

As soon as that sun was setting we lit up the porch lights and made our Sourdough Pizza Dough and fired up the Ooni.  We love having pizzas on the back porch because of how simple it is to prep for and each person can make their own creation.  My husband runs the oven and we had a great dinner as the sun set.  

One thing I have learned  is that it doesn't matter what the menu is, or what the weather is, or how many or few we have, as long as we gather together, we will feel love.  I'm thankful for the blessing of family and friends.  I'm also so thankful to see the sun shine on our fences, knowing that the snow will melt and new growth will come soon.  

We hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoy all the little things that this season brings into your life.  Remember that everyday there is something to celebrate, something we can dream about & hope for, and something we can create.  It's the way I have survived and thrived in my life and I know there is something magical when we look for the small things we can celebrate and feel gratitude for, something we can dream-or hope for, and something we make with our hands and hearts everyday.  

Sending you a hug for a great week!

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