Flora Angels

Angels Among Us was one of our very first collaborations when I married my husband and learned that he knew how to use tools.  I had been designing and stitching angels for the years that I was a single mom, stitching in the evenings after work at the mortgage company.  In fact, my very fist embroidery pattern that sold was a garden angel with the saying Whatsoever Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap.  I think I needed all the angels I could keep around me.  

After our angels were published in several national publications and shared on a few home networks, we set them aside for other projects.  These sweet angels keep making their way back to our worktables and now we have added our Flora Angel to the collection of angels in our online shop.

Our Flora Angel is a sweet minimalist angel made from wood and wire.  Her cedar wood basket is stained and filled with bright wool flowers to welcome the garden's most beautiful guests.  

This year, we have also added the option to purchase kits to make your own Flora Angel.  The kits include the wood cut out pieces, wire for the halo and basket handle, and wool to make your own flowers for her basket.  We are so excited to offer these kits so that you can create a little joy for yourself in making your own angel.  It's like sharing the creative happiness with you!

Today I will be filming a tutorial for how to make a Flora Angel from our kit as well as how to make the felt flowers in her basket.  You will be able to find the video on our Tweetle Dee YouTube Channel.  We hope you enjoy making these beautiful angels with us.  They are the sweetest and so are you!  Have a wonderful day.  

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