DIY Chicken Wire Photo Frame

A week ago we had a great Saturday date night.  We went shopping at Lowe's and Hobby Lobby, had dinner at Rubio's (love their fish tacos) and made a super cute and easy Chicken Wire Photo frame for my desk.  We had it completed within an hour and finished the night with a walk around our wooded trails up here.

DIY Chicken Wire Photo Frame

My frame sits on my desk with old family pictures pinned to it with button embellished clothes pins...and I love it!  It was so fun that we are busy making a few more for you married and college girls.

Materials to Get

One unfinished 12" x 12" frame (Hobby Lobby)
One piece of wood trim (Lowe's)
Chicken wire (Lowe's)
One fat quarter of favorite fabric
Clothes Pins
Spray Paint of your choice
Spray Adhesive
Staple Gun
Finish Nails
Wire Cutters
Chop Saw
Safety Googel's
Paper and Tape

DIY Instructions

1.  Spray clothes pins the color of your choice....I did this first so they would be done when the frame was done!

2.  Spray paint the frame with a base color.  Let dry.

3.  Cut trim pieces at an 45 degree angle to fit together around opening of frame.  They can set back from the opening or be flush...which ever you like best.

4.  Cut Chicken Wire with wire cutters an inch larger than the opening of your frame.  You will want to wear gloves for this...

5.  Staple chicken wire around the opening of the frame.  This goes on the front to allow room for the clothes pins to attach without hitting the back of the frame. (Use safety goggles)

6. Take your pieces of trim and lay them over the chicken wire and around the opening of the frame.  Tack down with a staple gun or finish nails and a hammer.

7.  Tape off the chicken wire with paper and tape.

8.  Spray with the spray paint color of your choice.  I used Krylon Satin Nickel to get a soft metallic and old look.  Loved it!  Let dry....and remove paper and tape.

9.  Take your fat quarter and smooth it out over the back inside piece of the frame.  

10.  Using a spray adhesive ...spray the back of the frame and place the fabric over the sticky mess.  Smooth it out and let dry.

11.  Trim off any excess and it is ready to pop into your frame.

12.  Hot glue buttons to the front  of the clothes pins...let cool.  

13.  Choose a few of your favorite photos and pin to the chicken wire!  

Wasn't that easy?  I have mine on my desk where I do a lot of my writing.  The photos are an inspiration ...and I hope this project inspires you to do something together with your husband!  Who said date nights die when you get "old"?  They just get better!

All Joy,

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Tick Tock..I Made A DIY Clock

Ok...I'm a little behind in posting the DIY projects that I have been working on in my kitchen.  Last week I was called into my office to catch up on two months of everything else got pushed back.  After three days of cleaning and spending time with our boys...I am back in my studio and ready to DIY!


As you know I am all about quick and fast...instant gratification!  Do I have any twins out there?  I have a ton (literary) of fabric, old dishes, buttons...hmmm what to make?  I love to decorate with my favorite fabrics and decided to make clocks for my kitchen, bedroom, and studio that used my favorite fabrics...and it is soooo easy and quick!


Plain smooth plates
A fat quarter of fabric of your choice
Modge Podge
A sponge brush
A drill with a masonry bit
Protective glasses
Hot Glue
A clock kit from Hobby Lobby

  1. Take a clean plate of your choice, and place on a protected counter or work surface. 
  2. Find a bowl or small plate that fits inside the indented spot on your plate.
  3. Find your favorite fabric and using a circular template (bowl or small plate) trace around the edge to make a circle and cut out.
  4. Using the sponge brush and the Modge Podge (MP) instructions, glue the fabric onto the plate and "paint" the fabric with a couple of coats of the MP to seal the fabric to the ceramic.
  5. Let dry until hard.
  6. Using a masonry bit on your drill, (and your protective goggles), slowly drill a hole in the plate starting from the back side drilling through to the front.  Be patient with this drilling...meaning do not press hard.  Let the drill do the work or else the plate will break.
  7. Once you have the hole through you are ready to add the clock parts.

8.  Follow the instruction on the back of the clock parts package to attach the clock to the plate.
9.  Use a marker to mark the placement of the buttons (numbers).  I used a ruler to make sure the spaces were evenly marked.
10.  Use hot glue to affix the buttons to the plate....let dry.
11.  Add a battery...shine...and listen to your new clock tick!!!!

This may sound like a complicated project...but it seriously was done in under an hour and was easy.  I learned to not push the drill...let the bit work for you OR you will crack the plate.  I found my plates at a thrift store for pennies...which made breaking a few not so bad.  Just trust me...go slow with the drill.

I hope you enjoy making this little project!  The next DIY project is the Cupcake Stands...later this week.  If you are at the thrift store looking for plates...pick up tart pans, candle sticks, or small ceramic'll be glad you did!  Happy hunting....

All Joy,


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Strawberry French Tarts

With all the berries that are in season right now you can find a bounteousness basket for a yummy price and bake up all sorts of treats!  For my daughter's birthday I decided to bake up something different.....a Strawberry French Tart.

I used my Perfect Pastry Recipe....which made two!

Perfect Pastry Recipe

3 Cups All-Purpose Flour
1 Teaspoon Salt
1/2 Cup Cold Butter, Cubed
1/2 Cup Cold Butter Flavored Shorting
1 Egg
2 Teaspoons of Vinegar
Ice Water

  In a food processor add flour, salt, and cubed shorting and butter.  Cut the  butter and shorting into flour on pulse setting until it is mixed together...until it is crumbly.  

Whip the egg and add to flour mixture...add vinegar and while the processor blades are turning add the ice water  a teaspoons at a a drizzle until the the dough forms into a ball.  Don't over process the not knead.  Place in fridge for a half an hour until chilled.  Roll out two round pieces about 15" around.

I preheated the oven to 400 degrees....and started on the filling....

1 Cup of chopped almonds
1 & 1/2 Cup of sugar+some for dusting
3 Pounds of hulled strawberries
2 Tablespoons Flour
Whipped Cream

Mix the almonds, flour, and sugar. Spread the almond mixture over the rolled out pastry dough leaving a 1 & 1/2 inch space around the edge without filling!  Toss the strawberries in a 1/2 cup of sugar....and arrange on top of mixture so that they look pretty.  Fold the edges of the dough up around the sides of the berries and bake until the dough is golden.  Approximately 20 to 25 minutes.  

Serve with cold fresh sweetened whipped cream which is flavored with vanilla and enjoy to your hearts content!  

All Joy,


PS.....Happy Birthday Maggie!
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Heart Of The Home - Part Two

This week I wanted to post the how-to's for a simple cabinet re-do!  I am behind from last week due to the fires and evacuations....but we are back and settled in here are the instructions for a quick little lift for your kitchen or laundry room!
1.  Measure the opening of your cabinet door.  Cut five strips of coordinating fabric 8" x the width of your cabinet door + six inches.  Cut a rectangle of your background fabric that is the size of the door you are replacing + plus 10" to drop it to the floor and allow for a seam at the top.

2.  Take your background rectangle and sew a 1/2 inch seam around the edges of the background square.  Sew a 1" pocket across the top to allow for a rod to hang it with.

3.  Take one of the five strips sew the bottom of the strip with a 1/4 inch hem.  Sew a running stitch across the top of the strip and gather across.  Pin to the background at the bottom and sew into place.  This will secure the gathers and the strip to the background. 
 4.  Repeat for the next four strips laying them on top of each other to make the layers go up the background fabric.

5.  When you get to the top or last strip....tuck under the top a 1/4 inch before you sew it to the background.  This is to hide the rough edge.

6.  Glue rick-rac or pom-pom fringe to the last strip's seam to hide the stitches.

7.  Using fabric glue, glue down the side strips to the back to finish it off.  Yep....I am doing this the easy way to since it will never show.
8.  To hang...screw in two bracket holders to the front of the cabinet and hang!  

If you have any questions on this project shoot me an email at and I will happily answer them for you.  It took a little juggling to get it right....but I LOVE the pop of color and fun it gave my kitchen.  I saved the cabinet door so I can put it back IF I ever want to!

 A sneak peak of the project I am posting on Thursday....making my 4th of July banner now.  Have a wonderful 4th of July!!!

All Joy,

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