Creative Spaces

For our drive to Seattle I picked up a few magazine's for the trip....and fell in love with Creative Spaces Magazine!  It is a new publication from the people at Creative Keepsakes - Creative Spaces.  The debut issue featured  146 craft spaces that were all sizes and styles, as well as fun storage and decorating ideas.  How fun to sneak a peek into other people's favorite place!  I closed it feeling inspired and ready to play in my space.

So this week I thought I would share a few pics of my favorite creative space in our home.  I have had a craft space in the bonus room over the my own large three room studio....but my favorite place of all is right on the main level of our home just across from my kitchen (where I am 30% of the time) and my bedroom (which I am in 40% of the time)....

  Abby's Craft Room

I work when my favorite things are around me....and that means my family hangs out with me while I sew, draw...or whatever else I am doing.  I'm not one of those gals that wants a day alone in my sewing room....I love to bring my sewing out with the rest of the family.  Which means my craft/sewing room is full of fabric and everything that inspires me....  

My Project Board ...

 ...and the real work gets done while I am sitting watching a movie with my kids....or on my kitchen table while I am cooking.  So, things get a little cluttered sometimes...but I always put away the project I am working on before I begin it never too messy...unless I am sewing a large quilt...then it is a mess for a week or more till I am done!

 Pictures Have To Be Around...

If you have ever been to my house you will know that there are a gazillion pictures all around my home of my kids and our favorite in my sewing room I have a bunch as well....mostly of my daughters and granddaughter Gracie.  They are my inspiration!

 My Favorite Bon Bons....

I have tried several ways to store my threads and none of them work for me...I need to see my colors.  So, I took a cake stand and painted it with my favorite blue and stack my colored thread and notions so they are handy and cute to look at.

 My Stash.....

So, now you can see my stash....most quilters are embarrassed by how much fabric they have and haven't used....I love mine to be out...organized in collections of future quilts and by color so I can find what I need when I am working on a applique design.  I found this cubbie in an old amusement was used for shoe is SOOO heavy...but allows me to see my fabrics.  

I took an old sewing cabinet and painted it dark grey and covered it with a favorite tapestry print.  It is long enough to cover the cubbies to keep my working tools hidden.  The jars on the table have old buttons and favorites that I don't want anyone getting into.

These towers are old plant stands that I repainted and use to hold my heavy decorator fabrics....

 Cake Stands Hold My Favorite Treats!

 Behind Closed Doors.....

So now you know what my "creative space" looks like and why I love to have a day off to spend in there.  Pick up the debut issue of Creative Spaces to take a peek in 146 craft rooms...and you'll get inspired too!  Happy Crafting.....

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Verry Berry Pie

Maggie's birthday was this past weekend and we celebrated in our family way by making her favorite home cooked meal....which for her is sugar grilled steak, smashed red garlic potatoes, salad with homemade ranch dressing...and pie....lots of pie!  

She asked for my strawberry rhubarb pie but our rhubarb is slow growing this year...gee wonder why!  So I decided to resurrect my accidentally scrumptious Verry Berry Pie for this sunshine girl's birthday.

Verry Berry Pie

I created this recipe years ago when I was living in St. George and bought some super fresh sweet cherries from a farmer's market.  I kept eating them and craved a sweet cherry pie which is the opposite of the sour pie cherries that is commonly used.  I mixed sweet fresh cherries with blackberries, blueberries and sweet and good with ice here is my favorite summer fruit pie recipe....

Verry Berry Pie


3 Cups Frozen Mixed Berries thawed and drained to remove access liquid...
3 Cups Pitted Sweet Cherries
2 Cups of Sugar
2 Teaspoons Vanilla
5 Tablespoons  of  Tapioca
2 Teaspoons of Cornstarch

Mix all ingredients on a bowl and set aside......


3 Cups All-Purpose Flour
1 Teaspoon Salt
1/2 Cup Cold Butter, Cubed
1/2 Cup Cold Butter Flavored Shorting
1 Egg
2 Teaspoons of Vinegar
Ice Water

 This recipe is from one of my closest friends...whose mother passed it to her.  I though I had the best dough recipe until I used hers last fall.  In a food processor add flour, salt, and cubed shorting and butter.  Cut the  butter and shorting into flour on pulse setting until it is mixed together...until it is crumbly.  

Whip the egg and add to flour mixture...add vinegar and while the processor blades are turning add the ice water  a teaspoons at a a drizzle until the the dough forms into a ball.  Don't over process the not knead.

To roll out the dough place a piece of wax paper on the counter and place half of the dough on the paper and top with another piece of wax paper.  Roll the dough out between the wax paper.  This helps cut down on the amount of flour added once it is thin it is ready to lay across the pie plate.  

Once you have laid it out across the pie plate...fill the crust with the can over fill a little as the berries cook down.  I made a lattice top crust.  To make this crust lay out a dough of crust between the wax paper and get thin again! :)  Peel off the top layer and using a pizza dough cutter cut strips  that are 1/2 to 3/4" wide.

Begin the lattice by placing strips across the top about a inch apart.  Then place a strip on the right side and lift the dough over and under till you reach the other side.  Repeat all the way across until you have a beautiful lattice.  Wash the top of the crust with an egg wash and sprinkle generously with sugar.

Bake at 400 degrees for approximately 45 minutes or until the top is golden brown.  Let cool to room temperature....this will continue to thicken as it cools. Serve cool with fresh vanilla ice cream!!!

Thanks Maggie for sharing your birthday with us and for requesting one of my favorite was fun to make together.  If you get the craving for sweet need to try this pie....super sweet'll stash it away for breakfast when the kids are still asleep!

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Kick Off To Summer

We are into summer two weeks and we have been going non-stop!  I love it!!!  The day after Tina's graduation we had our grandson Nicholas's baby blessing.  His daddy is in the military and got a surprise leave for a week and so we quickly got everyone together for a special night to bless this sweet new baby in our family.

Baby Nicholas and Proud Parents

The next morning we woke up at 4:00 AM and headed to Seattle with a trailer to load up our daughter Camilla, her husband and their two precious children to move back to Utah...we are so excited to have them here.  Three years without my girls is too long!

While we were there we went downtown and toured my favorite city (so far...) Seattle.  LOVED the Pike's Farmer's market and the seafood!  Seriously amazing!  I wish I had this market in Salt Lake.....

Pike's Farmers Market

 Gracie NOT Liking the Fish Market


 Flower far as the eye could see!

 I wish I had this Market around for our daughter's wedding...

 Can you see why I love this place?

 Street Art Tin Man....
 Giving Gracie a piece of candy as a reward for her cute!

Post Alley is famous for.....

 ...wall art....
 ....the gum wall.... a complete wall street to the top of the building covered in gum....of course we contributed ours too....
 ...this would make a cool poster huh?

 The Bay
 Dwight was there!!!

The Original Starbucks...sweet!

After a day of fun in the city we were blessed to be able to see our sweet grandson Michael Robert blessed by his father.  It was so sweet to be there and hear him "pitch in" his two cents during his blessing.  We all joked that he wanted to make sure that he got the right things said in his blessing. :)   

Micheal Robert and His Very Happy Parents

So now we are back in Utah and have everything unpacked and ready for more adventures or some rest! :)  I spent my hours on the drive watching tons of Disney movies with our Gracie and stitching a fabulous Michael Miller piece of fabric that I am making into a tapestry pillow for Tina's room....she comes home in July and I want to surprise her with something beautiful and luscious on her bed.

I hope your first weeks of summer have been glorious!

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