Wonderful Wednesday

We had a wonderful Wednesday as we watched our baby girl graduate from Salem Hill High School.  It was a fun ceremony, complete with an eleven gun salute (for 2011)..a fly over and parachuter's trailing the American flag ...a senior and faculty dance to their school song...and it ended with a cannon blast as they moved their tassels left to right!

 Tina On Graduation Day

What a wonderful day for all....she is headed of to attend college out of state and we will miss her....but so proud of her!  After the party ended last night...the name was drawn for the winner of the Flowers In Row May Sampler give away... 

Flowers In A Row

....and the winner is Renae!  Congratulations Renae and I hope you enjoy this sampler and pattern.  All of the followers will receive the pattern for this if you are a follower...send me an email with your address at and I will send your free pattern to you so you too...can have flowers popping up beneath your toes.

Simplify By Camille Roskelly

The June give away is the book Simplify by Camilla Roskelly...who is one of my favorite designers!  It has fun simple patterns and great sewing tips...and other fun surprises.  To enter to win the June give away become a follower of the Tweetle Dee Design Co blog!

I hope you have a terrific Thursday and enjoy the sunshine... finally!
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And the winner is....

....i will be announcing the winner of the may sampler in a row....

Flowers In A Row pass this on to your friends and if they become a follower you both win!!!  Now back to Dancing With The Stars...I'm crossing toes :) that Kirsty Alley wins!  Have to cheer for the chubby older chick...who looks amazing for being 60!
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A Blissful Celebration

...favorite pattern + favorite fabric + favorite frame = a blissful celebration

i was so excited to finish my celebrate dream create pattern with the bliss fabrics from camille roskelly from thimble blossoms and moda fabrics....

Celebrate Dream Create

my favorite color is when these fabrics it the store I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it.  i have stitched this pattern or stores all over the world and never made one for me....and now i have my own!

Bliss By Camille Roskelly

the tutorial for the applique tutorial click on Celebrate Dream Create Tutorial and you will see how easy it is to make your own blissful celebration...and the pattern is now 25% off at My Etsy Shop until the end of june...

i hope you find your own reason to celebrate dream create live laugh love! where to hang it???

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The No Coffee Tiramisu

I love tiramisu ....I mean I LoVe it!  I order it in every restaurant that serves it and my family splurges and gets me one for my birthday every year.  I don't drink coffee but the flavor of the coffee and the fluffy cream just kills me off!  

So a few weeks ago on my daughter's birthday she asked for my nine layer lasagna and tiramisu....and I decided I would figure out a way to make it as good as my favorite restaurant's recipe but without the coffee.

Non-Coffee Tiramisu

I read eight different recipes and styles and combined two different creams and decided to go to my grandma's favorite non-coffee drink Pero to see if I could get the same flavor and texture and I can honestly say (and my taste testers too...) that it was exactly like my favorite restaurant's.  The key is to buy Pero which is found in most grocery stores in the coffee and tea isle.


Pero is a drink made from rye and barley that is instant and tastes like coffee...although I am sure Starbucks fans would disagree....but for us non-coffee drinkers it is the closest thing we have.

The  Non - Coffee Tiramisu

 Rum Cream - Cheese Mixture

6 Large Egg Yolks
1/4 Cup of Sugar
1 Teaspoon Rum
1/2 Pero
16 oz. Mascarpone Cheese

Whip the egg yolks and sugar in a mixer until they turn light yellow...about 4 minutes.  Add the rum extract and Pero until smooth.  Then add the Mascarpone Cheese (after you sneak a finger dip of it :)  Whisk until light and smooth.  Set aside.

Vanilla - Cream Mixture

3 Cups Chilled Heavy Cream
1/4 Cup Sugar
1 Teaspoon Real Vanilla
3 Tbs Pero

Whip heavy chilled cream in a chilled bowl ...slowly add sugar, vanilla and Pero and whisk until fluffy peaks form and it slightly stiff.

Take both of these creams and lightly fold together.  I used two different creams because I love the taste for the rum cheese cream but love Tiramisu that is light and the vanilla cream mixed with the rum cheese cream make the perfect rich and light cream!

2 Packages of Lady Fingers
1 1/2 Cup Pero
1 Teaspoon of Rum
Dark Cocoa Powder
Chocolate Bar
Deep Glass Dish

Layer Lady Fingers in the bottom of a glass dish.  Mix the Pero and rum and lightly drizzle over the tops of the Lady Fingers.  Spoon a portion of the cream mixture over the tops of the first layer of Lady Fingers.  Dust with a heavy layer of the dark cocoa powder.  Place another layer of Lady Fingers and drizzle with more of the Pero and Rum mixture...add the rest of the cream.  Cover and place in fridge least.  The longer it is chilled the better the flavors become.

Just before serving dust with dark cocoa powder ..kind of heavy.  Take a cold dark chocolate bar and make shavings with a sharp knife and sprinkle over the powder and it is ready to serve.  Be ready for a serious ohhhhh  - ahhhh moment....let's just say that I woke my daughter up with a spoonful of the cream and she followed me into the kitchen and licked the bowl!

If you love tiramisu give it a try and see what you think!  I'm typing this while watching Freaky Friday with my children...eating fresh popcorn and now dying for a spoonful of the best dessert ever!

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Sunshine and Flowers

My daughter pointed out to me that the reason why we still are getting snow (it snowed twice yesterday) was that I have my Queen Anne's lace "Let it Snow" hanging by my front door.  So I took it down and opened the windows...planted a few more perennials and stated work on our back yard water feature today.

I am "willing" the sunshine and flowers to come and I am sharing this super fun pattern with you....Sunshine and Smiles Pattern is 25% off for the rest of the month.

Sunshine and Smiles 

I love this pattern because it uses layers of bright fabrics that are ironed on and lightly stitched.  I made my sample on an airplane on the way to Houston for Quilt Market...and got it down by the time the plane touched down.  The saying  says "Sunshine and Smiles To While Away The Hours."  

I had a friend who made it up for all of her sisters and sister in laws for Christmas and I was amazed at her determination to make 8 plus samples...but also how different it looks in different colors.  I love bright colors and funky this is a good pattern for use up your stash or left overs from a favorite quilt!

I soooo want the flowers to bloom all over the hills...only a few more weeks ...right?  I'd love to see your send pics to me soon!
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Happy Mother's Day Breakfast

Happy Mother's Day to all!  I woke up this morning to my sweet daughter and sons making me breakfast in bed...well they made me stay in bed until they were done.  It was super sweet to hear them in the kitchen, but what they made was even sweeter!  I thought I would share their newest creation...Lemon Strawberry Stuffed French Toast.  Yes...hard to believe that three kids came up with something so yummy!

Lemon Strawberry Stuffed Crust French Toast

1 Loaf of Texas Toast
3 Eggs
Vanilla Soy Milk
Real Vanilla
Fresh Sliced Strawberry
2 Packages Cream Cheese
1 Lemon
1 Cup Powder Sugar

Mix vanilla soy milk (or whole milk if you would rather have milk...I love the soy because of the vanilla and richness), 3 eggs and 1 tablespoon of vanilla with a whisk or in a blender and pour into a shallow dish.  Heat a griddle and lightly grease with butter.  

Dip pieces of Texas toast into the egg/milk mixture and place on griddle until they are slightly or golden brown.  Butter each side.  Keep warm in a 250 degree oven or cover with tin foil until you are ready to assemble.

To make the filling place in mixer cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla and the juice of one lemon and 1 teaspoon of lemon zest. Wash and slice strawberries.

To assemble spread one heaping tablespoon of cream cheese filling onto a slice of lightly browned french toast.  Place sliced strawberries on top of filling and top with another slice of cooked french toast.  Place on griddle and cook one minute per side and then lightly dust with powdered sugar.  Serve with sliced strawberries.

My Little Chefs

So Happy Mother's day to all the mother's in my life and all of the women who have inspired me to be a better mother...and who frankly let me know that is is alright to be human in this biggest of all jobs...being a Mom.  

My last few posts have been focused on food a family, which seems to come in waves and now its time to get back to the fabric roses and a new quilt and pillow pattern I am making for summer....time to quit eating and get to my sewing room...well maybe tomorrow!

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Happy Seis De Mayo!

May 5th was Cinco De Mayo as you all know....but we decided to celebrate Seis De Mayo!  Our Friday nights are the nights that we get off work early and come home and put on our chefs with Cinco De Mayo this week we decided to make our Grilled Fish Tacos with Black Beans and Rice. 

Grilled Fish Tacos with Black Beans and Rice

It's funny to me that growing up in New York I never had a taco, burrito, taquito or anything Mexican until I moved to the west....and now it is one of my favorite cuisines.  When I lived in California I would go to the busiest Mom and Pop Mexican food "dives" and ask them to show me how to cook this amazing food.   Surprisingly they would welcome me into the back and show me how to cook their food...and I have been feeding my family the same recipes for 20 years.  

 I love cooking with my husband and kids on Friday nights and especially when it is something so easy they each can help make something....and this food can not be ruined by little here are the recipes for these dishes!  

Grilled Fish Tacos

5 Talapia Fillets
Salt and Pepper
Olive Oil
Fresh Flour or Corn Tortillas
Mexican Slaw (recipes below)
Cilantro Ranch Dressing (recipe below)

Make Cilantro Ranch Dressing and chill. (see recipe below)

Make Mexican Slaw and chill. (see recipe below)

Heat grill to 375 degrees.  Lightly rub olive oil, salt and pepper on the talapia fillets.  Set aside until grill is hot.  Place on grill for about 5 minutes per side until flaky.  Cover with foil to keep warm.   Cook fresh tortillas (available at Costco or most grocery stores) until tortillas are done...and a little toasted.  Slice cooked fillets about 1 and a half inches they fit on the tortillas well.

Take tortilla, fish, a little mexican slaw and drizzle with Cilantro Ranch and finish with a squeeze of lime!  Fold together and sink your teeth into a little bit of Baja Mexico!

Mexican Slaw

1 Head Napa Cabbage
1 Small Bag of Broccoli Slaw
1 Bunch Cilantro
Balsamic Vinegar

Wash your green Napa cabbage and cilantro to get off any grit.  Chop the Napa cabbage in 1/2 inch slices, place in bowl.  Open your broccoli slaw and ad to cabbage.  Chop the cilantro so that the leaves still are large enough to look like leaves...I don't like the toss them out.  Toss the greens together.  Set Aside.

Mix together 1 and a half cup of balsamic vinegar with 1/2 cup of sugar and the juice of two limes....and mix together until sugar dissolves.  

Add to greens and toss together.  Set aside in a fridge...the vinegar break down the cabbage and the sugar gives this wonderful sweetness to the slaw and is fabulous with the grilled fish.

Cilantro Ranch Dressing

1 Cup Buttermilk
1 Cup Greek Yogurt
1 Package Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix
2 Tomatillos
2 Cups Chopped Cilantro
1 JalapeƱo Pepper
2 Limes

Place yogurt and buttermilk in blender, add ranch mix.  Blend until smooth.  Chop tomatillos, jalapeno, and cilantro and add to blender.  Blend on high for a minute or two until smooth.  Squeeze two limes into dressing and mix one more time.  It is now ready to drizzle over your hot fish tacos.  This dressing is good enough to dip the tortillas straight into!

Abby's Black Beans

3 Cans Black Beans
1 Can Enchilada Sauce
2 Tomatillos Chopped
1 Bunch Cilantro Chopped
2 Cloves of Crushed Garlic
2 Tablespoons Cumin
Bacon Drippings

Heat bacon drippings to hot, add crushed garlic, drained black beans, enchilada sauce, chopped tomatillos and heat on medium to high for 20 to 30 minutes until everything is looking blended and yum!  Add the chopped cilantro  and mix into beans.  Cook for 5 to 10 minutes and take a masher and lightly mash until the beans look a little creamy.  Now they are ready to enjoy....soooo good!

Mexican Rice

3 cups Rice
3 Cups Chicken Broth
3 cups Water
1 Jar or Tub of Fresh Salsa
4 Tomatillos Finely Chopped
1 Bunch Chopped Cilantro
3 Tablespoons Cumin
4 Tablespoons Butter

Boil rice, chicken broth and water with salsa, chopped tomatillos and cumin.  Once the liquids begin to boil, turn down to medium/low heat and simmer until rice is tender.  Add chopped cilantro and lightly toss into rice.  Add butter pats and cover with lid to melt butter.  I love the way the butter adds a creaminess to the spicy rice.  This is fabulous with the black beans and a little feta cheese...yes...feta cheese.

We ate till our tummy's were full and watched Nacho Libre....our college daughter's suggestion!  I never thought of that as a "mexican" film....but it we burned a few calories off laughing!  NACHOOOO .....  I hope you enjoy these recipes with your amigos!  Happy Seis De Mayo!

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Mothers and Daughters

With Mother's Day this week, we have a lot to be thankful for.  Three of my daughters have become new mother's this year!  We will have four grandchildren before Halloween....can't believe it since I don't feel a day over thirty!  I found out this week that my sweet daughter and her family in Seattle is moving back to Utah in a few weeks...bringing my grand daughter Gracie!  Best Mother' Day gift I could get!!!

Tina is getting ready to graduate in a few weeks too and is busy working on last minute assignments and of course she had a 10 hour project that she needed to of them is a quilt!
Tina and Her Senior Quilt

She choose the fabric, Mom prepped it, her friends and church leaders helped her tie it, her Grandmother showed her how to make the picot corners and now she has been hand stitching the finishing edges.  It has been sweet to see her learn to sew and love it!  It is so fun to have your children to enjoy their own creativity and want to share time with you creating.

My first burst of creativity came from my mother as she was a knitter, crocheter, and painter....we all wore hand made shirts and sweaters.  I remember on of my favorite shirts was a "tomato" shirt with cute little talking tomato's on it.  I wish I still had it!

My Mom knitting Gracie's Blankie...

My first sewing and embroidery came from my Grandma Lyke as she had me stitching along with her.  She bought me my first sewing kit ...butter yellow and full of all sorts of goodies in it. A few years ago she sent me my first sampler that I made when I was eight or nine. I couldn't believer she still had it.

My Grandma Lyke

We celebrate alot of gifts our Mother's pass on...and many gifts have been given to me by the women in my life...but one of the gifts I cherish is my mother and grandmother's creativity, love of cooking, and seeing all things with beauty.  I see their gifts in my children and love to see the next generation find beauty and creativity in their lives.

I hope you love this week and find joy celebrating Mothers and Daughters this week.  I have been blessed with several Mothers and six beautiful daughters and love them all!  One thing is for sure...Tina is hooked on quilting now...and can't wait to make her next project.  I guess I'll have a few more Shop Hop buddies this year.   Thanks to all who helped her with her first quilt!

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Summer Is Almost Here!

After coming home from work on Friday in a blustery snowstorm, with six inches of snow on my driveway...I decided to grill some steaks...stay home...and stitch!  So I finished the second in my Wool Seasons Collection..."Summer".

Summer Wool Pattern

I got out my baskets of colored wool and poured my button collection into a large green ceramic bowl to "fish" for just the right "flowers".  I love quick projects..especially colorful ones, and this project took all of two hours on a lazy "snowed in" Saturday!  How's that for quick.  

The fall and winter samplers are coming soon for those people who like to get a head start.  I am planning on finding a favorite wall and hanging them together.  This collection will include a sweet little doll that will be changed out for the seasons...with accessories.  I cut out her cute figure last night.

The pattern is on at my Tweetle Dee Etsy Shop...just click this link... Summer Wool Pattern to find the frame, pattern and kit.  So get out your wool scraps and buttons and have some fun.  I can't wait for summer!!!  

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