A Year Of Tweets

I had a lot of fun today loading our blog photos into my new Photoshop and created a collage of the different blog photos from this past year. 

Looking at the year in one shot is so fun!  What a year...two weddings...and few visits from my grand daughter...lots of food and trips...sewing...creating and all together with the people we love.  I can't wait to see all that happens in 2011.

We have already started with a mission call and a new grandson....and two more babies to come.....

I am super excited for this weekend as my son is getting ready to leave on his mission to Seoul Korea and my new grandson comes on Friday ....with the love my life Gracie!!!  I am beyond words.

I spent yesterday at Pine Needles picking out the fabric for the Love Grows quilt and I left screaming with delight!  I can't wait to get sewing...I will sneak a little time in with all the family time to get some of it done.
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Mila's Daydreams

My friend Kelly sent me a few pictures from this amazingly creative mom and will love these shots.  You can find her blog at  It is a fun blog to read and what a super fun way to imagine a baby's dreams.  I want a calendar of these shots!
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The Power of Sharing Your Heart

I read a passage last week in the book, The Power by Rhonda Byrne that said that we don't do anything without a measure of love in it.  I have thought about it several times this week  trying to decide if it is true.  Especially as I have been doing my normal everyday my for Chill's birthday...getting up early on Sunday to go to church...driving to work.  You know all the things I wouldn't really think of as "love".

I really hate cleaning my closet after I drop a weeks worth of clothing on the floor...but I LOVE having a clean closet.  I really don't LOVE some of the processes in my everyday life...but I think it is true that everything we do comes from love.....even the things we may not be crazy about.  This little nugget of thought has helped me be a little more joyful this week in doing some of the things I "have" to do.

This leads to one of my favorite patterns for Valentine's Day...Share You Heart To Your Hearts Content.

Share Your Heart 

I am listing this pattern for $6.00 throughout February at  It is a 8" x 10" pattern that is so darling throughout the year.  

I have been finishing Love Grows this week ...and it is finally ready to frame!  AND more exciting to me is my new Valentine Pattern called Paper Hearts that will be posted next Monday.  It is sooooo darling.  

So think about it this everything you do somehow motivated my love and are you sharing your wonderful heart with everyone around you?  I hope you are...because no one has your heart and love unless you share it.

Have a wonderful day!

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Triple Chocolate Sunday Cake

Are you ready for the richest...most cake ever?  Guess's made in a crock pot!!! YES...a crock pot.  It is our family favorite and is made every year in January when we are craving rich chocolate...but are tired from all of the holiday baking.

Triple Chocolate Sunday Cake

Chocolate Cake Mix
3.9 oz Instant Chocolate Pudding Mix
16 oz. Sour Cream
1 Cup Water
1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil
4 Eggs Beaten
Half a Package Of Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
Whip Cream to Serve

Combine all ingredients except whip cream and mix well.  Pour into a greased crock pot.  Cover and "bake" on the low setting for 6 to 8 hours.  Serve warm with a dollop of whip cream.  (I love mine cold the next morning)
Serves 8 to 10

I love this cake and have served it with a warm raspberry sauce,  crumbled butterfingers....all sorts of things.  It is a family favorite that is soooo rich and delish!  So break out the ole crock pot and enjoy.

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Sweet Valentine Trio

Sweet Valentine Trio set is a my Valentine treat to on sale for $6.00!  
The pattern has three small expressions of love that are 4" x 4".  You can order on now through Valentine's Day.

Sweet Valentine Day Trio

I found some unfinished wood frames at a local craft store that had a 4" x 4" opening which I painted and fabric covered them.  I am posting a tutorial on how to use Modge Podge to cover these frames with fabric to get an extra special burst of color.  


Unfinished Wood Frames
Modge Podge Satin Finish
Sponge Brush
Pencil or Water Soluble Marker
Fabric of Choice

1.  Iron fabric to be used.  

2.  Paint unfinished wood frame using spray paint color of choice.  Let dry.

3.  Lay out fabric and place frame on top of fabric right side down.

4.  Trace around sides of the frame and opening with pencil or water soluble marker..

5.  Cut out fabric on traced lines.

6.  Lay frame on protective sheet and "paint" with Modge Podge Satin Finish.  "Paint" it on heavy.

7.  Place fabric square on top of frame that has been coated with Modge Podge and smooth out across frame.  Make sure edges are flush to the edges.

8.  Place a coat or "paint" the top of the fabric to seal the fabric to the frame.  The satin finish will finish the top and give a beautiful sheen.  Don't worry if it looks cloudy on the dries clear.

9.  Once the Modge Podge has dried it is ready to place your stitch or picture in it.

This is one of my favorite projects!  You can Modge Podge  scrap booking paper and all sorts of fabric onto unfinished frames.  It is a great to have your faves on display without having to sew something.  Quick and fast....I'm such a instant gratification girl!!! 

I hope you have fun using these techniques!
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Love Isn't Something You Fall Into

It's the second week in January and all of the Christmas decorations are packed far far away.  The house is cleaned and my eyes are drawn to every Rod Works and Tai Pan store I drive by....I have my wish list in my wallet waiting for money!  All I see is hearts and pink everywhere...yeah!  Valentine's Day is weeks away but I don't think there could be a better holiday to follow Christmas do you?

Love Isn't Something You Fall Into

I found this saying when I was 19 years old at an estate sale in upstate New York.  It was stitched onto an old sampler with two doves, roses and hearts...and of course the alphabet.  I loved it and stitched it for my first home and it has remained with me all these years.  It is so true.  Love isn't something you fall into...its something you grow forever.  

So now it is updated with bright colors and a simple applique technique for you to make in time for Valentine's Day.  You can find the pattern at the etsy shop  There are a few other sweet treats for you as well.  

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Sweet Tweet Bed

I am so excited to have the new year here!  It is like a burst of new energy, happiness, and light are here....even though I have 3 feet of snow in my front yard!  We have been working on a new children's bedroom set and have the bed completed!  Isn't it so cute?  I want to make one for my little Gracie!  

 Sweet Tweet Bed

It is available in twin ($385.00), Queen ($525.00) and King for ($625.00).  I have finished a couple of these and played around with painting the end posts in light pink and one in robin egg blue and they are adorable.  

For orders please contact me by email at or you can reach me by phone at 801-623-1458.  

I hope you had a wonderful new years!  
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