Tweetle Dee Winter Workshop

We are so excited to be offering our How to Paint Anything Barn Quilt Workshop! This workshop has been in planning for a long time.  So many of our friend's and customers have asked for a chance to paint bigger, better and more barn quilts than ever before, and the planets and stars aligned and we have an amazing day planned for you.

It will be held February 24th in beautiful Woodland Hills, Utah from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  This will be a relaxed all day workshop where you will learn how to paint your own barn quilt and/or Barn Quilt Block Set.  You will be able to paint any size or type of barn quilt you wish, square or round.  We will have a yummy lunch and a tour of the Tweetle Dee Workshop as well, with a few other surprise goodies to go home with.

The basic price of $100.00 includes the class, a 22" barn quilt, painting supplies and of course lunch and the tour.  If you want to paint a barn quilt or product other than the 22" barn quilt, email us at tweetledeedesignco@gmail.com for additional pricing and to place your orders.  Otherwise, all you need to bring is your favorite colors of paint.

As always, we'll have some paints here and there will be plenty of extra boards available for purchase at the workshop and you can paint as many different boards as you wish!  If you want to paint two 22"'s ...yeah, if you want to paint a 33" and a block set...double yeah and if you want to paint one huge 44" all afternoon...well, then we will be there to cheer you on!  

We are so excited to have this day with you in our snowy and beautiful place.  If you have any questions please let us know and register soon as we only have space for 50 of you!  We hope you are as excited as we are!!!  (Happy dances might be happening as I type).

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Holiday Cheese Ball Recipes - Fresh Living

One of our favorite holiday appetizers is the retro inspired cheese-ball.  I grew up enjoying these each Christmas holiday, but the ones we had then were the store bought generic cheese-balls.  When I grew up  and had my own kitchen I wanted to try to make my own and had so much fun trying different flavor combinations.  These cheese-balls are one of the most requested appetizers I make.  In fact, I never get to enjoy it because they are gone before I join my guests!

Today on Fresh Living  I am sharing three of my favorite cheese-balls.  A Smokey Gouda Bacon Mini Cheese Ball, a Cranberry Green Onion Cheese Ball, and a sweet Sugar Cookie Sprinkle Cheese Ball. These are so easy to make and the best thing especially this busy time of season is that they are no-bake, small mess, quick and easy to make.

Each of these recipes begin with cream cheese which you will want at room temperature.  It is helpful to have a stand mixer, but if you don't, you can hand mix these creations with no worries.  Most of the other ingredients can be picked up at your local grocery store pre-shredded and prepared, so again, super easy!

Cranberry Green Onion Cheese Ball

2 8 oz. Packages of Room Temperature Cream Cheese
2 Cups of Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese
1/2 Cup Finely Chopped Green Onion
2 Cups Cranraisins
1 Tablespoon Worcester Sauce
3 Cups Chopped Pecans

Add all ingredients to a mixer bowl and mix together until cheeses are blended well.  Use a spatula to semi-form the cheese mixture into a ball.  Use hands to form into a smooth ball.  Refrigerate for 3 to 4 hours.  Remove from fridge and roll in chopped pecans pressing the nuts into the ball a little to cover the ball in chopped nuts.  Add to a platter and serve with hearty crackers, pita chips, or baguette slices.  Garnish with fresh rosemary springs.

Smokey Bacon Gouda Mini Cheese Balls

2 8 oz. Packages of Room Temperature Cream Cheese
2 Cups Shredded Gouda Cheese
2 Teaspoons of Italian Seasoning
1/2 Teaspoon of Smoked Paprika
A Dash of Hot Sauce
3 Cups of Chopped Pecans
1/2 Cup Finely Chopped Parsley
1 Cup Cooked and Chopped Bacon
Pretzel Sticks

In a mixer add the cheese, spices, and hot sauce and mix until everything is incorporated.  Place in refrigerator for one hour.  While cheese mixture is chilling, cook and chop bacon, and chop parsley.  Mix pecans, bacon and parsley and set aside.  Remove the mixture and roll into small balls.  Roll in garnishing mixture and set aside.  Stick a pretzel in the center and they are ready to go!  Makes 12-18 Mini Cheese Balls.

Sugar Cookie Sprinkle Cheese Ball

2 8 oz. Packages of Room Temperature Cream Cheese
1/2 Cup Softened Butter
2 Cups Powdered Sugar
1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
1 Teaspoon Vanilla
2 Teaspoons Molassas
2 Cups Sprinkles
Sweet Crackers and Cookies

Mix all ingredients except for the sprinkles in a mixer until smooth.  Refrigerate for an hour or two.  Take out of fridge and roll in sprinkles.  Set on platter surrounded by sweet cookies and crackers.  Hint - Word has it that Santa loves this treat with a cup of cocoa!

I hope you enjoy these family favorites and have a very merry holiday.  You can catch the Fresh Living segment on our Facebook page and by following the link to KUTV Fresh Living


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Merry Christmas Sale

We are now just a couple of weeks from Christmas, my favorite time of the year and I hope it is yours too.  We have been busy shipping out our hand painted barn quilts and kits for gifts all over the world and we thank each and everyone of you for making this season extra special for us.   All of us at Tweetle Dee feel a little more like Santa's elves as we spend out late nights in the paint room making each one of these for you.  

Our Merry Christmas Sale is still going through the 18th of December which will be the last day to order and guarantee to receive your shipments before the big guy in the red suit comes down the chimney!  When you order use code MERRY30 at checkout to get 30% off everything on the site.  Many of our holiday items, Block of the Month and Barn Quilt Blocks are discounted so it is an extra blessed sale!

Santa's Coming to Town Barn Quilts 

Little Pieces Christmas Tree

Tweetle Dee Gift Certificates

 Swoon Christmas Barn Quilt

We are happy to send these discounts on as we wrap up the year.  Our shop will be closing on the 20th of December until the 28th to allow a little time for family this season.  We hope you are able to take advantage of this sale and pick out the boards you have been wanting all year.  Oh, and don't forget our Tweetle Dee Gift Certificates.   They make the perfect gift!

Watch for a big announcement this weekend and mark your calendars for February 24th!!!

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Monogrammed Barn Quilts

With Christmas just around the corner we decided to offer a flash sale on one of our favorite personalized barn quilts.  Our Monogrammed Barn Quilts are in the shop this week at 25% off and free shipping!  They are one of our favorites with the classic Ohio Star pattern and the initial of your choice.  They make perfect gifts!

Each barn quilt is hand painted and distressed, sealed for indoor our outdoor use and framed in a stained solid wood.  They come in both our 16" and 24" sizes.  I could see one on a front porch or on a shelf like I have ours.  

Also, remember that all Christmas items are on sale in The Shop and our elves are working around the clock to make sure your orders get to you in time for the holiday.  We hope you are having a very blessed December.  

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