After the Rain

Today started out as a cold and rainy day.  The perfect fall morning to have a cup of tea and snuggle in.  However, for Mike and me it was a morning to make sure the baby goats were dry and secure in their new house, and to get the doodles out to go potty (they came in all curly and cute), and to check our new project...the 1972 camper we are remodeling.  It's seams are not totally secure and we needed to rush and make sure she was dry.  Her name is Ruby.  More pictures to come soon.

It was a busy morning on a perfectly lovely rainy day and I loved it.  What I loved even more than the rainy morning was the burst of sunshine that came in the afternoon.  The sun bursting over the white billowy clouds, cresting the tops of the mountains above us, illuminating the gold and red leaves that still live since the fire.

I had to get out in it.  I grabbed me running shoes and put down my work to head out into the crisp air left behind the morning's storm.  I headed with Bear to our favorite trail down by the river and walked into the sun.  I usually take my walks in the morning, but today it was a necessity to go at the moment the sun came out.

The storm this morning with all its change to our routines and then the clearing and sunshine...the walk in the leaves was a perfect metaphor for what I had been experiencing.  I saw it and felt it!  The rain and then the sun.  Unplanned change and illuminating light all in one day, in one week. 

I recently heard a talk where the speaker said each period of your life requires a different you.  That thought stuck with me...more the question, "What me do I need to be for this time in my life?". That's what I was pondering as I walked in the sun today.  I'm not sure the answer yet, except for a whisper that I need to be brave and bendable.  

If you have followed my art for awhile you know I love photographing what I see in the world.  In my Instagram feed there are weekly pictures on my walks and hikes, sunrises, clouds and sunsets...and of course wildflowers!  I snap many pictures of the trail just after the rain because of the deep contrast just after a storm has passed.  There is a renewal, a refresh with the coolness.  Colors are brighter as the mist lifts.  I felt it today, not just through my eyes but through my soul.

I can change, renew, refresh and be the person I need for this season in my life.  Brave enough to shoulder disappointment from others and my own, bendable to see different paths with hope.  I can find something to celebrate everyday.  Today it was the storm and more...after the rain.  

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