Patchwork Butterfly Barn Quilt

You all know how much I love custom requests for original barn quilt designs.  Especially, those that tie a design to a loved one or the symbolism of a desired blessing.  I had one of those dear requests a month ago from a mother whose daughter had just lost their first baby girl.  They were both attending our September barn quilt class and the daughter's symbol for hope through her loss was the butterfly.

Patchwork Butterfly Barn Quilt

I was honored to be asked to create a barn quilt design with the butterfly for this young mom, and had the pleasure of spending the day with them painting a big beautiful barn quilt for her to hang in the nursery that would have been their baby's.  She choose beautiful pinks and shades of lavender for her quilt and learned how to finish it by herself.  Such a joy to witness the strength in hope.  

Throughout the years of teaching we have have had the opportunity to get to know many people and their stories.  This young woman's hope will be one I will never forget.  I won't share the details that she shared with me,  but I was reminded of how powerful our hope and manifesting it to future blessings is.  Her momma asked her where she was going to hang her barn quilt, and without hesitation sad she wished to hang it over the crib in her baby's room because someday it will be full again.  

I loved this day with this family and I truly love learning the stories of the people in our classes.  We become friends and I cherish those days painting together because of those friendships.  

I have added to Our Shop The Patchwork Butterfly Barn Quilt in a pattern, kit and Painted Barn Quilt.  It is ready to order and I hope that you find some hope in this design.  The butterfly is in flight on a slight angle to show movement because the essence of hope is movement.  It's taken steps believing that the highest good will come to us and our loved ones.  

Many blessings!

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