True North MCD Barn Quilt is here!

Our anchor piece of the Moonbeams & Cabin Dreams Collection, the True North Barn Quilt is now In the Shop and available as a fully painted barn quilt, DIY Prairie Paint Kit, or pattern.   So whether you love to paint your own barn quilts or you love collecting our ready to hang already painted beauties, we have you covered! 

The Moonbeams and Cabin Dreams Collection is made of 12 gorgeous barn quilts that tell the story of my Great-Great Grandfather who was the first Christian missionary in the northern plains of Nebraska.  His stories inspired me and I know they will you as well.  Each block comes with it's own story which you will love to retell too!  

We know you will love collecting these gorgeous full color blocks that are beautiful on their own, but together...they're amazing.  You can find them In the Shop in the Moonbeams & Cabin Dreams collection.  

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