Summer Barn Quilt Workshop Too

We are so excited to announce that we have filled our classes for July and are adding a second workshop to the summer schedule.  We are calling it Summer Barn Quilt Workshop Too!  The workshop will be on August 15th in our meadow in Woodland Hills, Utah. 

This is our "Paint Anything" all-day workshop where you receive instruction on design, layout and how to paint a barn quilt.  We pre-make all of your barn quilts that you want to paint that day.  Which means you can paint a big huge one or lots of littles.  You are able to choose from any of our patterns or bring a design that you would like help patterning onto a board.  Our hands on workshops are the best days of the year, because creativity is flowing, there is lots of support and great food...laughs and friends too!

All of your supplies are included as well as a fabulous lunch and lots of healthy and not-so-healthy snacks.  Due to the social distancing we limit the class size to 25 people with plenty of distance between each other in our open field.  Our July class filled over last weekend, so don't delay if you and your friends are wanting to come spend a day painting together.  

All of your materials and lunch are included in the registration fee.  This also includes a 22" barn quilt if that is the size you want to paint.  If you want a larger barn quilt, framing, furniture legs, clock parts, etc...there will be additional charges that can be paid the day of the workshop.  We will send you a form where you can see the options and pre-order your upgrades and any dietary restrictions.  We also supply plenty of caffeine with our soda bar for a great afternoon pick-up!  

To register, go to Our Shop and scroll down to where you see the Summer Barn Quilt Workshop Too picture and purchase your registration.  We will send you an email with information you will need for the day and get your requests for the barn quilt(s) that you want pre-made, any framing, or extras.  

The great thing about our summer classes aside from all the fun and food is having our workshop right there with all the tools to tweak or add anything you wish.  We have loved our summer workshops the best because of this and you will too!  Make sure to register this week before our Celebrate, Dream, Create Sale ends on May 31st!  You will save 20% on your codes needed!  

We hope to see there for another epic day of barn quilt painting!

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