Angels in Scrubs

Our Angels in Scrubs Barn Quilt was designed for an office in France who wanted us to design a quilt block to pay honor to the medical angels who used their gifts to save us and serve us through the Covid 19 Pandemic.

The painted barn quilt of this block is beautifully hand painted with our Prairie Paints and features the Red Cross symbol with angel wings in white representing  grace, peace, life, and hope.  Four wings and four gifts we receive from those who sacrifice and work so hard to keep us safe and healthy.   Of course we used our favorite Lambs Ear Green for the scrubs background.  It’s simply beautiful and hope it honors our medical angels well.  
We have three sizes available in Our Shop and will have a fabric quilt pattern released in June, so watch for it.  It has been a joy to design this block to honor those who bless us everyday.  Thank you!


  1. I made this" Angels in Scrubs " barn quilt this week. It came out great! I used a white iridescent paint for the angel wings for a glowing look to the painting. I plan on making more! Thanks for this pattern!



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