Cotton & Star Barn Quilt Kit

What do you do when you have 300 amazing kits from cancelled workshops that are ready to ship to your favorite friends?  You add them to Your Shop with free shipping!

Our Cotton & Star Barn Quilt Kits include everything you need to make this fabulous farmhouse barn quilt sign.  Yes, everything!  It is the perfect kit to get and make for yourself, or for Mother's Day.  The box kit includes, the 16" framed farmhouse barn quilt sign, base coated, and template to paint with the included Prairie Paint Milk-house White.  We also through in the instructions, stain, brushes, sandpaper, cloth, and the cotton ball stems to make into your own 8" Cotton Wreath!

I will be adding a video this week on how to paint it and hang it and maybe a few suggestions on how to add it to your home.  To grab your wreath while they are still available, go to The Shop and get your order in!  When they are gone...they are gone!  

We hope you are having a great weekend staying home and staying safe!  It won't be too much longer and then we will all be out dancing in the streets.  Love ya!  xo

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