Fall Workshop Registration

We are so excited to announce the date for our Tweetle Dee Fall Workshop!  This is our favorite workshop of the year with the fall leaves and wildflowers in the meadow...and a whole day to paint and visit with our friends.  The registration is live on Our Site today!

This is our paint anything workshop at our home just steps away from the wood shop where frames can be custom made, barn quilts finished and a few other magical surprises as well.  The registration fee covers everything you need to paint a complete 22" barn quilt, materials and lunch too. If you want to paint a larger barn quilt or multiples, there are additional costs which can be paid the day of the workshop.

We hope you can all make it.  It really is the best workshop of the year!  Go to Our site today and register....share with your friends and let's make it the best event ever!!!

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