Tweetle Dee Texas Star Giveaway

I don't know how you are this time of the year, but I need a bright pick me up when the snow is falling and the skies are grey.  So we are doing a giveaway this week of one of our favorite Framed Over Texas Stars.  Yes...a big 22" gorgeous hand painted colorful star!

To enter to win you need to do four simple things...

1.  Follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

2.  Comment and like today's post with the star on it!

3.  Share or Tag three friends in the giveaway post.

4.  Sign up for our newsletter and save 30% immediately on your next order.

That isn't too tough.  Four simple things and a lot of fun sharing and saving!  We hope you all have a great weekend.  It has snowed all week and we are ready to see some sun and stars!!!

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