A Basket Full of Felt Flowers

Flowers are beginning to bloom, well sort of.   I collected a basket full of felt flowers yesterday to add a little spring to our All Seasons Angel.  I thought she needed a little color and so I'm sharing how to make these simple layered felt flowers today.  They are perfect to make hair clips, brooches, or embellishment to anything.  I am making a wreath to add a collection of them to.  They are super simple to make and best of all, they don't fade with the season.

 I added them to the basket that comes as part of the All Seasons Angel with 3M Adhesive dots which can be popped off and changed for the seasons.  One of the features I love about this angel is that her arms move so it appears she is holding whichever of the six accessory pieces you want to show.  For the flowers though, it allows for a super full basket or a few simple flowers.  Whoever designed her with moving wings is a genius!  (That would be my hubs.)

I made three simple layered flowers.  They look like a hydrangea to me and are the simplest felt flower.  To make them, you need about an 10" square of wool felt in the color you want your layered flower.  You can find the felt at most hobby or quilt shops.  You will also need a 6" square piece of green felt, a few wool balls (optional) and a hot glue gun.  How simple is that?

To begin lay out the wool you want to make the flower with.  Using a round lid (I used a spice lid) about 1 to 2" round, trace 6 to 8 circles.  The larger the circle the bigger the flower will be, the smaller the circles, the smaller your flower will be.  Pretty easy.  If you want a wavy look to your petals,  use your scissors to cut a wave around the outside of your circle.  This is such a cute look when finished.

Cut out the circles and heat up your glue gun.  A low temp gun is best for this project.  

Squirt a small dot of glue in the inside center of your flower.

Fold the circle in half with the glue inside and hold until set.  To speed up the process you can set it under a book or cup edge to press until set.  This allows you to glue all the pieces pretty quickly and not have to wait for each piece to set before making another. 

Oh, and don't mind my manicure...or lack of one.  I am heading to get my nails done this weekend once our paint orders are out the door!

After the glue is set in your half-circles.  Repeat this process again folding your half-circle into a fouth-circle.  Basically squirt the glue and fold in half again.  Let set.

Now you have your petals to make a layered flower!

Take two of your folded petals and glue together at the outside points.

Continue to add more petals around the first two to fill in and make your flower bloom!  Let the hot glue dry.  Fluff out the petals to get the look you want.  Wool felt folds in mysterious ways and it is so fun to see how each flower it different.  

Now it's time for the leaves.  Trace out the shape and length of the leaf you want onto the green felt.  Cut inside the tracing line to eliminate the tracing line.  I cut two petals for each leaf. One large and one smaller.  I love the layered curved look which I will show you how to do now.

The same as when you made your petals,  you will squirt a dot of glue in the center bottom of your smaller leaf and fold in half.  Hold in place until set.

Next, wrap the larger leaf around the base of the smaller leaf and with two squirts of glue on either side fold and glue the larger leaf to the smaller leaf base.  Let dry.

Now you have a curved layered leaf that is ready to glue to the base or bottom of your flower.   To figure where to glue, I set the flower down flat and look for where there is a gap that the leaf would fill in.  

Glue your leaves to the base of your flower.  If you are going to use your Layered Felt Flower as a hair piece or brooch, cut out an additional circle of felt to glue onto the base of the flower and leaved to cover up the bottom.

If you want a center to your flower, look for an opening in the folds and with a little itty bit of hot glue, adhere your wool balls in place.  Let dry.  There you go!  Your first wool felt flower.  It was super easy wasn't it?  

This is the same simple Layered Felt Flower that I made for the All Seasons Angel basket.  You can pick up your angel on sale now and enjoy her all year.   I'll probably add a few more felt flowers with some more tutorials throughout the year.  I can't wait to make some more wildflowers to fill her basket come summer.

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