Tweetle Dee Winter Workshop

We are so excited to be offering our How to Paint Anything Barn Quilt Workshop! This workshop has been in planning for a long time.  So many of our friend's and customers have asked for a chance to paint bigger, better and more barn quilts than ever before, and the planets and stars aligned and we have an amazing day planned for you.

It will be held February 24th in beautiful Woodland Hills, Utah from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  This will be a relaxed all day workshop where you will learn how to paint your own barn quilt and/or Barn Quilt Block Set.  You will be able to paint any size or type of barn quilt you wish, square or round.  We will have a yummy lunch and a tour of the Tweetle Dee Workshop as well, with a few other surprise goodies to go home with.

The basic price of $100.00 includes the class, a 22" barn quilt, painting supplies and of course lunch and the tour.  If you want to paint a barn quilt or product other than the 22" barn quilt, email us at tweetledeedesignco@gmail.com for additional pricing and to place your orders.  Otherwise, all you need to bring is your favorite colors of paint.

As always, we'll have some paints here and there will be plenty of extra boards available for purchase at the workshop and you can paint as many different boards as you wish!  If you want to paint two 22"'s ...yeah, if you want to paint a 33" and a block set...double yeah and if you want to paint one huge 44" all afternoon...well, then we will be there to cheer you on!  

We are so excited to have this day with you in our snowy and beautiful place.  If you have any questions please let us know and register soon as we only have space for 50 of you!  We hope you are as excited as we are!!!  (Happy dances might be happening as I type).

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