Hands of Friendship - Civil War Barn Quilt of the Month - March

It's March and time for a new Civil War Barn Quilt block!  I love this block and the story behind it.  It is called The Hands of Friendship and represents the help that was given to slaves as they tried to escape to freedom through the Underground Railroad.

Hands of Friendship Civil War Barn Quilt

One of the main portals for escaping slaves was through Cleveland, Ohio.  The design of this traditional quilt block is called the Ohio Star.  I have painted at least 100 of these over the past few years and never thought about it signifying anything more than a state quilt block until I read the about the Underground Railroad and Ohio's role in it.

It was against the law for slaves to learn to read and write so the path for them to follow for escape was often marked in signs.  The stories that were passed down by descendants of former slaves was quilts were often hung out on lines or fences to mark the path for them to follow and to tell them where to go.  Often former slaves and whites would work together to bring escaping slaves to freedom.

This block is a traditional Civil War block with the Ohio Star and the center block representing how people of different colors and backgrounds worked together to free those who were oppressed.  

Civil War Barn Quilt Block of the Month

As I have been studying this time period I am struck at the similarities between then and now.  Just as those before marked the way for others who were suffering, we can work together regardless of our race, religion, or political differences to help. 

The Hands of Friendship Barn Quilt is a simple pattern and fairly easy to paint.  You can order the Hands of Friendship Civil War Barn Quilt kit in The Shop.  Each kit comes with a 12" barn quilt board ready for paint and the pattern of the month.  You can order previous months at any time!  

Union Square Civil War Barn Quilt - January

I will be posting the video for how to paint The Hands of Friendship Barn Quilt this watch for the announcement on my Facebook or Instagram pages.  Tag me in your photos @tweetledeedesignco so we can all see your work!  I hope you enjoy this one as much as I have, and maybe it will inspire you to reach out to someone in need.

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