Bear Paw Barn Quilts

 As you know I paint a lot of barn quilts and some I like and some I love!  A few weeks ago one of my customers asked me to design a bear paw pattern to paint into a barn quilt.   Though it is a classic quilt pattern, it hasn't been one of my favorites and I haven't painted one until this past weekend.

Double Bear Paw Barn Quilt

I love my colors and as I played with this design and painted the colors into each square and triangle I fell in love with it.  Of course, the real magic happens once it is sanded and stained...but I think this may be my new favorite pattern.  

I have loaded the Double Bear Paw Barn Quilt into The Shop for orders.  It will be available in the standard 22", 33" and 44" sizes.  I will work on patterning it in the next couple weeks, so if you are ambitious enough to paint your own...patterns will be coming soon. 

Bear Paw Barn Quilt

Of course I had to paint the classic...because plain an simple is so on trend and I needed one for my home!  This barn quilt also comes in the standard sizes and is available in custom colors via email request.

If you are looking for the pattern to paint your own Bear Paw Barn Quilt, the patterns are loaded in The Shop and are ready for same day shipping!  I hope you enjoy this classic pattern, either with a ton of color or simple and sweet it is a classic for a good reason!  We love it.

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