Re-purposed Lighted Pumpkin Centerpiece

I love white pumpkins and especially when they glow!  Years ago I bought a lighted white jack-o-lantern pumpkin at a decorating store made from ceramic clay, and I love it.  The only problem with it is that is is designed for Halloween and I try to make my fall decorations last from September through November.  So my favorite lighted pumpkin goes back to the storage room every November 1st, and I miss the white glow in my home.

I found a solution while helping to clean the garage with my husband.  He is a contractor and has boxes of old parts, and one of those boxes was full of glass light covers.  I snagged a few of them and decided to make them a part of my fall decorating by turning them into a Re-purposed Lighted Pumpkin Centerpiece.  It is super easy...only took a half hour and I love the results.

To make this you will need to find round light white frosted light covers, you know the kind that everyone is getting rid of for newer light fixtures.  If you don't have them laying around like we did, you can find them at thrift stores or building supply stores.  They cost pennies.


Round Frosted White Light Covers
Large Basket
Pumpkin Stems
Silk Fall Foliage
LED Battery Powered Lights
Glue Gun

1.  First clean your light fixture and place them in your basket bottom side down, to see how they fit and look together.

2.  Using a hot glue gun glue the leaves and dried pumpkin stems to the top of of your pumpkin or the opposite side from the opening.

3.  Take your strand of LED lights and bundle a few of them in each light and string the next bundle to the next "pumpkin".  Leave your on/off switch in a place where you will be able to turn on your pumpkins without disrupting your florals.

4.  Weave your florals in and around the lighted pumpkins.

Find a place where you want a soft glow of light and turn on to enjoy!  I love this project because it was inexpensive, quick to put together and can be used from September through November!  I am going to use the rest of the covers to make a similar basket for winter with the light globes as "snowballs".  

I'll post pictures soon...

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