Happy Halloween Mini-Hoop Embroidery Pattern

Happy October or should I say Happy Halloween!  This is one of the funnest months of the year...when else do you get to dress up in your craziest alter-egos, eat a ton of candy, and celebrate cobwebs and all things creepy?  
I love stitching up something new each season and for Halloween I designed a mini-hoop embroidery pattern called Happy Halloween.  It is super small which is great if you are like me and on the run constantly with concerts and football games.  It will tuck into any bag and only uses five colors of floss.  It took me one concert practice and part of a football game to stitch this up.  

The pattern is in The Shop today and will ship the same day so you can get it in time for Halloween!  I hope you are having a great fall..make sure you take time to enjoy every bit of it.  

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