Granddaddy Lake

This past weekend we packed up and headed to the Ashley National Forrest to camp at Granddaddy Lake.  The men in our family have been camping there for about thirteen years...and they finally convinced me to go.  It's not that I don't like roughing it...I just like camping where I have a toilet, running water, and am close to a road in case I need to escape! 

But with the lady numbers in our family dwindling, I am kind of forced to go with the boys or stay at home alone...and I am never a fan of just sitting home.  So, I packed my sandals (epic mistake), a new book, and my embroidery basket and joined the troops for a few days in the wilderness....

It snowed our first night!

Our secret camping spot....and let's just say that to get to it, we had to saw several trees out of the way and four-wheel off road for a mile.  The plus is that for three days we didn't see or hear a soul...it was peaceful beyond belief.

My husband love to carve and decided to make a Granddaddy Lake hiking stick.  It looks like a granddaddy huh?  I need him to make a Grandmommy stick for me.

The spring where we get our water.  It is ice cold and so refreshing!

A little time to myself to work on an upcoming project...

Keeping dinner simple...BBQ Chicken, Corn on the Cob and Pre-cut Hashbrowns.  My hubby does most of the cooking while we camp...so we keep it simple and light, but he always fills our tummies well!

The hike into Granddaddy Lake is about 3.6 miles and you climb about 2,500 feet.  Along the way there are many streams and meadows...and lots of rocks.  We even found a few fossils.  It is one of the most gorgeous and diverse hikes we've taken in Utah.

Granddaddy Lake is the largest Alpine Lake in Utah.  The water is cold and crystal clear, and not a soul around.  It only took a minute to find the trout....they literally came up to the shore to look at us.   The boys caught there limit in a hour...and we ate well that night.

We loved our weekend away in the mountains of Utah.  We are planning our next trip already!  If you have any questions about the lake or the camping facilities up there you can look up the info on  All Trails.  I hope these pictures have inspired you to get out of your comfort zone a little and try a new place.  It has taken years for my husband to convince me to stray from my favorite places and try somewhere "new"...and I am sooo glad I did!  See you in a few weeks Granddaddy Lake!

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