Families Are Like Quilts

Sometimes you find a saying that just sticks to your heart...

I saw this saying many years ago when my children were just little and it stuck to my heart, not even knowing how true it would be in my life.  "Families are like quilts.  Sometimes they become unraveled...but they can always be stitched back together with love."  I think of this saying every time our family seems to get a little "unraveled" and remember that the same virtues that it takes to sew a quilt, (passion, patience, vision, love, etc.) are the same that is takes to keep a family "stitched" together.

I just listed this pattern including the stitching guide in The Shop and as a new list gift it's 20% this month!  I hope you are enjoying these fresh new summer days ...grab some stitching and head for the mountains.  It's one of my favorite ways to spend a hot summer day.

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