Gepetto's Cottage Playhouse

This past month we had the treat of creating a little child's playhouse some clients who just became grandparents.  It needed to fit under their staircase and they wanted it to look like Gepetto's Cottage from Disney's Pinocchio....

We used reclaimed wood and stone and a few other creative materials to create an aged  look for the cottage.  

My favorite element of the playhouse was the miniature gas fireplace.  It was a special order item that doesn't not emit safe for little fingers.  My husband faux painted the rock around the fireplace so the wall is flat and safe for little children.

The mini-kitchen was built from reclaimed wood and was planed, stained and sealed to get the aged look.  Across from the kitchen is a matching wood bench with a lid-seat that lifts up to store toys and goodies.

The tole painted woodwork was done in the rosemaling style and added the perfect old world touch....

....the window wood was made using reclaimed wood and a wood grid that was found at our local Habitat for Humanity store.  This project was so fun to design.  As each piece of wood was sanded, stained and painted....the colors came out beautifully aged.  

I love working with my husband...his creativity knows no bounds!  When we sit down together and design a project like this, the ideas flow and then we get so excited as each element comes to life.  This was one of our favorite projects I need one just like this in my stairwell for our little kiddos!!!  

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