In All Things Give Thanks

I LOVE Thanksgiving!!!  What isn't there to love?  We get our families together to bake, cook, eat, play football, laugh, nap...and then do it all over again!  I am so grateful for one holiday that is dedicated to expressing "Thanks in all Things", even if the next big holiday is slowly creeping it's way over it. 

I created a new pattern this month called "In All Things Give Thanks" and is available now at my shop.

When I was at Sundance a month ago having breakfast with a dear friend and our kiddos...I saw these velvet pumpkins at the gift shop for way more than I wanted to pay for them.  So, I took some left over velvet from a quilt I am making and cut a circle out, stitched the edges with a running stitch, gathered the string together, filled with bird cage litter (chopped corn cobs), stitched shut, and glued the stems from my favorite pumpkins...and embellished with a few springs of berries and leaves.  Soooooo stinkin easy!!!  I am going to be collecting different colored velvet's this year to make a whole mantle's worth for next fall.

I created a garland for the mantle using clip art silhouettes of Pilgrims and Indians and embellished them with fabric leaves.  I clipped them to a collection of ribbons so that my boys can clip "gratitude" blessings along with the leaves.  I have three ancestors that were at the very first Thanksgiving.  We hung this banner the night we sat and shared their stories with the boys.  I think it meant a little more to them...but who knows...they are teen-aged boys!

I made the fabric leaves by cutting out a clip art leaf template collection.  I then took Heat and Bond and adhered it to the wrong side of the fabric I wanted.  After the glue cooled, I peeled the paper off and folded a top piece of the fabric onto the glue (or wrong side of the fabric) and pressed until the two layers stuck together.  I then took the template and cut out my leaves and clipped them to the string. Super easy and so so cute!

I finished up the mantle with some vines and a chalkboard list of our greatest blessings.  There was a little discussion about what the boys felt were their greatest blessings...but we all agreed that our faith, our family and our dear friends are among the greatest blessings we have.  The print over my mantle came from Kiki & Company.  I have used several of her prints in my home for Christmas and throughout the year!
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and lots of pumpkin pie!!!

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