Recipe Card Cuteness

A couple of weeks ago I was looking for vintage recipe cards to place on my "kitchen recipe board"...and had such a difficult time finding something unique, until....

...I found these darling molliemakes recipe cards!  The template comes with two cards that you punch with a needle and stitch with your favorite embroidery flosses.  I can't wait to write up my family's favorites!!!

My Kitchen Recipe Board Materials

Old Frame
Spray Paint of Preferred Color
Chalkboard Spray Paint
Small Eye-Hooks
Thin Wire
Mini-Clothes Pins
  • To make the Recipe Board you need to find an old frame (mine is 11' x 14') and paint with your favorite color spray paint.
  • Paint the back of the frame with chalkboard paint.  Let dry.
  • Screw the eye-hooks into the the side to the frame in parallel to each other.
  • Slide the mini-clothespins onto the string
  • String the wire across the frame opening to each eye-hook, twist around each end to secure.
  • Pop the chalk board back onto the back and secure.
It is super easy to make this board.  In fact...I'm making a few for a wedding I am decorating to display old family wedding photos the creativity will never end with this board!

I hope you stop by Mollie Makes and check out their fun recipe cards, crafts, and yummy's!

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  1. An innovative design to use my recipe cards for. Thanks for a great idea.



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