Ho Ho Ho - Santa Has A Brand New Bag

Monday's are crazy around here...lot's to clean and many projects to wrap up... literally!  My hubs and I spent the weekend at an all day concert that our son performed in and making a few more gifts for our children.  I promised a tutorial on stenciling on burlap, and what better way to show you how to stencil than to make a new bag for the Santa gifts!


Arcrylic Black Paint
Round Stencil Sponge Brush
1 Yard of Red Burlap
1 Yard of Coordinating Fabric (liner)
2 Yard of Trim
Fabric Glue
Black Belt

1. Fold the yard of red burlap in half width wise and with right sides together sew two sides closed to make a sack and turn right-side out.

2.  Fold the lining fabric in half with right sides together and stitch the two sides to make into a sack.

3.  Turn inside out so that the "right-side" in on the "in-side".

4.  Slip inside the burlap sack and pin the two sacks together and the top.  Sew together about a half of an inch from the top.

5.  Fold the top down an inch once, and then turn it over an inch again.

6.  Slip stitch the folded edge to the sack face to hold in place.

7.  Using fabric glue, attach the trim around the folded and stitched your sack is ready for the stenciling!

8. Choose your wording and the stencils you want to use.  I purchased my lettering stencils at Wal-Mart for $3.69 and the scroll piece from Hobby Lobby for about $2.00.  I choose to stencil the lettering "Santa & Company".

9.  I lay out the lettering to make sure the sizing works on the fabric piece before I begin painting.

10.  I put a little bit of the paint on a paper plate and use sponge brushes so I can dispose of them after and not feel guilty.  Get your brush a little bit in the paint and dab it around on the plate to get any excess paint out of the sponge.

11.  Place the stencil where you want to begin and hold the stencil in place with one hand.

12.  Using the other hand lightly tap the sponge over the letter opening of the stencil.  I use a quick up and down motion to get as little paint on the fabric as possible.  This gives it an aged look and I can always add more (but you can't take it away).  So start with a little and add more if you would like darker lettering.

13.  Continue with the stenciling technique until all of the lettering and designs are on your sack.

14.  Let dry for about 20 minutes.

15.  Take an old black belt and maker a few smaller holes if necessary to cinch it around the top of the sack.

16.  Fill with your Santa gifts and place under the tree!!!

I love my new Santa looks great under our tree with a few little gifts I trust the boys will not open before the big day!  Tomorrow I am using this same pattern and stenciling to make a Reindeer Treat Bag for our front porch.  If you have any questions on this pattern or painting technique, send me a message at the Tweetle Dee Design Co Facebook Page or by email at

Have a great week!

All Joy,


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