Dear Santa - Free Pattern Download

We have twelve more days till Santa comes down the chimney!  I don't know about your house, but we are getting pretty excited around here.  A couple of years ago I was cleaning our home and found the cutest little note tucked into the fireplace.

Our littlest boy had heard tall tales about Santa from all of his older disillusioned brothers and sisters.  He was questioning whether Santa was "real" or not...hoping that he was coming to see him on Christmas morning.  Tucked into the fireplace was a little note that said, "Der Santa...I Luf you!"  My heart melted, so I had to make it into a stitch to remember his little "luf" note to the big jolly elf.

My little Christmas treat to you this week is a free download of the pattern.  Go to the side link and download a copy for your we little ones.

All Joy,


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