DMC DIY - Clothes Pin Holders

If you are like my I have a zillion DMC flosses that are left -over from my various half finished and some finished projects.  My "floss drawer" was such a tangled mess that I would usually give up and buy new DMC anytime I needed a color....until now!

I bought three clear jars and three super cute vinyl decals from The House Of Smiths, a ton of little wooden spring clothes pins ....and three bored sons.  All it took was unraveling the somewhat good floss or the flosses that still had their tags onto clothes pins.

1.  Place the loose end inside the spring opening.
2.  Wrap the rest of the floss around the outside of the clothes pin until you get to the end.
3.  Tuck the end into the top of the spring loaded pin.
4.  Using a pencil, write the DMC floss number on the wooden clothes pin for reference.
5.  Fill those cute jars!!!

Now I love finding a floss color and they look very cute sitting there waiting their turn to be used. This was one of many ways to organize a floss drawer....but for sure was my fav!

All Joy,


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