Two Are Better Than One

This past weekend my hubby and me celebrated our thirteenth anniversary together!!!  Time has gone so fast since 1999.  We have raised eleven children together, have married off four daughters and one son and have four and a half beautiful grandchildren together...and I have to say that two are better than one!

Two Are Better Than One

We celebrated by staying at Sundance, Utah and going to all of the placed we went to when we were dating.  My hubby booked us a ride on the Moonlight Express of the Heber Railroad.  It was so fun and romantic.  They serenaded us with violin and banjo music and fed us well.  The moonlight on the lake was especially beautiful.

Heber Valley Railroad

The weekend was beautiful in the mountains and we really needed the time to relax and enjoy our favorite time of the year.  The smell of crisp leaves and sizzling steaks, pumpkin pie, and a crackling fire is pure heaven!

Stewart Falls

 Now that we are back and unpacked, I stitched up one of my favorite scriptures into an embroidery pattern called "Two Are Better Than One".  It is a simple pattern that fits into an 8" x 10" frame and can be embellished with the optional flower.  On the leaves are our names and the year of our marriage.  This little embellishment added makes this a wedding gift for a new couple beginning their lives together or you can frame it without and have a two little love birds to remind you that two are definitely better than one!

 You can purchase the pattern at My Tweetle Dee Shop.  I have two more new patterns that I am finishing this week.  Thank heavens for tons of football games where I can look interested and stitch! I hope you are enjoying the most glorious time of the year too!

All Joy,


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