DIY Dresser Make-Over

What to do with an old dresser?  Here are the DIY instructions for making a "piece of junk" into a fun and funky piece of furniture your daughters will fight over!!!  A few months ago we were working on an  old home and found a solid wood dresser that had been left behind.  I needed extra storage in my shop, so I decided to save it and make it darling!

This is a project that comes straight out of the 70's.  I know my Mom loved using Modge Podge and I can see why...the best part of this project is having my favorite fabrics on the front of a piece of furniture to see everyday!!!


Modge Podge
Rustoleum Spray Paint
Sponge Brush
(see is simple and easy :)

1.  Clean the piece you are wanting to redo and lightly sand off any splinters or snags.  

2.  "Beef-up" any broken or loose pieces.

3.  Remove the handles.

4.  Choose a color of paint you like and paint as base coat.  I love to use Rustoleum spray paint.  It sprays on evenly and I do not have runs.  I plan on spraying two to three coats and skip the "primer".  Let dry well!!!  You do not have to spray the front of the drawer with three coats as they will be covered with fabric.  Just spray one good coat on them.

5.  Trace the fronts of the drawers onto paper to use as templates for the fabric pieces.

6.  Choose several pieces of fabric the width and length of your drawers.   Cut the fabric of choice to the size of the drawers.  Iron the cut pieces to remove any wrinkles.

7.  Once the pieces are cut and ironed, they are ready to Modge Podge into place.  Pour the Modge Podge into a small bowl or paper plate and using the sponge brush coat the front of the painted drawers.

8.  Lay the cut piece of fabric over the coat of Modge Podge and smooth out with your fingers.

 9.  Brush several coats of Modge Podge over the fabric and along the sides.  This will glue down the fabric to the drawer front and seal it too.

10.  Let dry until hard.  Usually over night is best!

11.  Once the Modge Podge has dried.  You can cut off any stray strings with a utility knife.  

12.  Add the handles and assemble your dresser!!!

I found my rose knobs at Anthropologie.  I hope you enjoy this simple project that can turn any dull, dead drawer front into a piece you will love to have.  I am now working on turning some old drawers into a music to come soon!

Have a great weekend fellow DIY-er's!!!

All Joy,


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