Come Knock On My Door

I am soooo excited that we FINALLY painted the doors on our house....(it only took two years :)  When we moved in one of the first things we said was the dull, chipped, and faded blue-green paint had to go.

Our Little Nest Before

We looked at Pinterest for door color ideas and checked out a cool page that Better Homes and Garden's has for color ideas....and choose a new fun color....

Our Little Nest After

We painted the shutters satin the clean look it gave them.  We decided to paint the trim around the doors in a bright white.  It isn't the most daring...but it made everything pop.  The door we painted using Valspar color New Avocado.

I LOVE the fresh green color that is new ...but not too bold.  It took is an hour to tape of the door...being very careful not to miss anything...and a half hour to paint.  The total cost of the project for all four doors around our home was $56.00.  What a great way to make a statement with a low output of funds.

Even the flowers look better...

I purchased a vinyl "Welcome" sign for the door from The House of Smith's.  I also purchased a set of numbers for our mother-in-law apartment...super cute and easy to install!  So ...if you are feeling a little brave and want a big change at your little nest....take a Saturday morning and get ready to spray!

Have a great Friday!

All Joy,


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