Tick Tock..I Made A DIY Clock

Ok...I'm a little behind in posting the DIY projects that I have been working on in my kitchen.  Last week I was called into my office to catch up on two months of everything else got pushed back.  After three days of cleaning and spending time with our boys...I am back in my studio and ready to DIY!


As you know I am all about quick and fast...instant gratification!  Do I have any twins out there?  I have a ton (literary) of fabric, old dishes, buttons...hmmm what to make?  I love to decorate with my favorite fabrics and decided to make clocks for my kitchen, bedroom, and studio that used my favorite fabrics...and it is soooo easy and quick!


Plain smooth plates
A fat quarter of fabric of your choice
Modge Podge
A sponge brush
A drill with a masonry bit
Protective glasses
Hot Glue
A clock kit from Hobby Lobby

  1. Take a clean plate of your choice, and place on a protected counter or work surface. 
  2. Find a bowl or small plate that fits inside the indented spot on your plate.
  3. Find your favorite fabric and using a circular template (bowl or small plate) trace around the edge to make a circle and cut out.
  4. Using the sponge brush and the Modge Podge (MP) instructions, glue the fabric onto the plate and "paint" the fabric with a couple of coats of the MP to seal the fabric to the ceramic.
  5. Let dry until hard.
  6. Using a masonry bit on your drill, (and your protective goggles), slowly drill a hole in the plate starting from the back side drilling through to the front.  Be patient with this drilling...meaning do not press hard.  Let the drill do the work or else the plate will break.
  7. Once you have the hole through you are ready to add the clock parts.

8.  Follow the instruction on the back of the clock parts package to attach the clock to the plate.
9.  Use a marker to mark the placement of the buttons (numbers).  I used a ruler to make sure the spaces were evenly marked.
10.  Use hot glue to affix the buttons to the plate....let dry.
11.  Add a battery...shine...and listen to your new clock tick!!!!

This may sound like a complicated project...but it seriously was done in under an hour and was easy.  I learned to not push the drill...let the bit work for you OR you will crack the plate.  I found my plates at a thrift store for pennies...which made breaking a few not so bad.  Just trust me...go slow with the drill.

I hope you enjoy making this little project!  The next DIY project is the Cupcake Stands...later this week.  If you are at the thrift store looking for plates...pick up tart pans, candle sticks, or small ceramic'll be glad you did!  Happy hunting....

All Joy,


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