Heart Of The Home - Part Two

This week I wanted to post the how-to's for a simple cabinet re-do!  I am behind from last week due to the fires and evacuations....but we are back and settled in again...so here are the instructions for a quick little lift for your kitchen or laundry room!
1.  Measure the opening of your cabinet door.  Cut five strips of coordinating fabric 8" x the width of your cabinet door + six inches.  Cut a rectangle of your background fabric that is the size of the door you are replacing + plus 10" to drop it to the floor and allow for a seam at the top.

2.  Take your background rectangle and sew a 1/2 inch seam around the edges of the background square.  Sew a 1" pocket across the top to allow for a rod to hang it with.

3.  Take one of the five strips sew the bottom of the strip with a 1/4 inch hem.  Sew a running stitch across the top of the strip and gather across.  Pin to the background at the bottom and sew into place.  This will secure the gathers and the strip to the background. 
 4.  Repeat for the next four strips laying them on top of each other to make the layers go up the background fabric.

5.  When you get to the top or last strip....tuck under the top a 1/4 inch before you sew it to the background.  This is to hide the rough edge.

6.  Glue rick-rac or pom-pom fringe to the last strip's seam to hide the stitches.

7.  Using fabric glue, glue down the side strips to the back to finish it off.  Yep....I am doing this the easy way to since it will never show.
8.  To hang...screw in two bracket holders to the front of the cabinet and hang!  

If you have any questions on this project shoot me an email at tweetledeedesignco@gmail.com and I will happily answer them for you.  It took a little juggling to get it right....but I LOVE the pop of color and fun it gave my kitchen.  I saved the cabinet door so I can put it back IF I ever want to!

 A sneak peak of the project I am posting on Thursday....making my 4th of July banner now.  Have a wonderful 4th of July!!!

All Joy,


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