Kitchens Are The Hearts Of Our Homes

I have had a crazy few weeks with school wrapping up....summer beginning...and my own schooling taking off.  When I get overloaded in one area of my life and still feel a need to create, the easiest way to get a burst of creative sunshine was to make something new for an area of my home.  This past month it has been my kitchen!

Since my kitchen is the heart of my home and where I spend the most time...it was the first place in my home to get a little attention.  I thought I would take this week to share a few ideas and DIY's for projects you can whip up fairly quickly to share a little love with the heart of your home!

Today's DIY is the jars on my counter.....I re-purposed some jars that I had in my cupboard and purchased a couple of extra's at Walmart for a few bucks.

For the jars with the tin lids, I painted with spray paint and drilled a small hole through the lid and added some coordinating knobs that I found at my local Hobby Lobby.  The labels I purchased from a company called The House of Smiths for $15.00 for a set of five labels.  I love how easy they were to apply and the little pop of fun it gave my kind of boring baking stuffs.

I also ordered the Kitchen Aid decal for $12.00.....which made my red mixer very happy!!!

Sometimes it takes just a little pop to make something old and worn look new and fresh!  I hope you go and check out the House of Smith's shop and find a few ideas for adding labels to some of your old and worn things!

All Joy,


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