The Chicken Coop's All Done

A year ago when we decided to raise a few chickens, I asked Mike to build me a chicken coop like the one I had on my grandparent's farm where I grew up.  I loved the red little chicken coop that was originally a milk house...then a play house for my aunts...and then a chicken coop.

The Lyke Farm Chicken Coop

Occasionally...or often it was my job to feed the chickens in this little red house...I loved walking in and gathering a few eggs....hated the smell...but loved talking to the chicks.

Last month when I went to Seattle to visit our daughter's Camilla and Brandy and their little families, Mike called to tell me that he had finished our little red coop....I was dying to see the pictures and was even more excited to come home and see what he had made for me and my ten little hens....

My New Coop

I couldn't believe how cute it was or how much it looked like the one on the family farm in New York.  What a special treat to come home to! reward my husband for his incredible gift....I got him three little ducks...

Maggie and Tina with the New Ducks he needs to finish the water feature in the back yard!  See the reasoning behind my madness?  It has been a fun and eventful summer already and we still have a few months to go.

I am working hard on my school work at BYU and have started a blog for the family history work that I am doing called Carrots & Peas.  There are a few new sewing projects that I have finished and a ton of DIY projects too!  I will be sharing the photos and how-to's in the next few weeks.  

I hope where ever you are you are enjoying the fresh air and sunshine!  Off to the pool with the boys.....

All Joy,


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