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It all begins in with the tender love within a mother's heart.  The world becomes light and magical with hope.  Nothing can calm like the sound of her melodic voice.  Her words of encouragement and love can inspire courage to overcome all.

Grandma & Grandpa Cooper with their new little girl Frannie.

My mother was the most beautiful heroine in the world.  She lit up our lives with her smile and laugh.  Her creativity new no bounds.  I loved wearing my tomato shirt as often as she would let me....and of course the crocheted vests were a very close second!  She painted, did macrame, ceramics, sewed and crocheted, cooked and all looking like she came out of Better Homes and Gardens! 
My beautiful mother with her three children!
Sitting down for a lovely dinner with my mom, grandparents and great-grandfather.  I'm wearing the crochet vest and look at that beautiful blonde hair on my mom!

My mother did everything well, but the things she did the best were the things she did that no one else saw.  It was the way she would put everything away to read to us.  The naps that she let me skip to hang out with her and color like a big girl.  The time I sneaked down from my room to find her outside in the sun reading alone (probably enjoying some much deserved "me" time) and having her put her book down and roast marshmallows in the middle of a hot afternoon with me.  

For my mother us children where her life and I appreciate all of the beauty and grace she has helped me to see in this life.  I have missed the times that we are apart.  As I have grown and am now a mother and grandmother I cherish the memories of all she gave to me and continues to bless my life with.

 My Mother 

I received an exquisite hand-made Mother's Day card from her yesterday along with a picture of her.  A tear fell from my eye as I see her beauty and light still shinning.  I am forever thankful for the mother I have and for the life she gave me.  I am thankful for the grandmother's who loved me dearly and gave me all the hope and promises in life.  I am a truly blessed.  I love you mom!   Happy Mother's Day!!!

I have written this public thank you to my mother to help in the 1000 Hearts Project and to help bless another child.  By following this link and sharing a thank you to your mother you can help a mother and child in Haiti.  I love this way of honoring my mother and the other mother's who give their best.  So please follow this link or the button on the right side of this page to help a mother in Haiti on this Mother's Day!
All Joy,

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