Luck O' the Irish

March is the month of green, a little bit of Irish blessings and a hint of spring in the air!  We  had our first day of 60+ degree weather and I couldn't stay indoors any longer.  I went to Salt Lake and to Gardner's Village to shop and enjoy some time with my sweetheart...a perfect day in the sun!

With this being the month of green...I am marking my two Irish Blessing patterns, May God Send You and Luck of the Irish 25% off for the month of march to give you a little more "green" in your pocket!

"May God Send You 
For every storm
a rainbow...
For every tear a smile
For every care 
a promise...
and a blessing 
in each trial.
For every problem life sends
a faithful friend
to share.
For every sigh a sweet song
and an answer for
each prayer"

Luck Of The Irish

"Whereever you go and whatever you do
 may the luck of the Irish be there with you"

Both of these patterns can be found at My Etsy Shop.  Both of the  patterns and frames are available there.  I hope that the first few days of March have been a blessing for you and that blessings may abound for all throughout the month.  Now to go find me a yummy shamrock shake!

All Joy,


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