Hippity Hoppity

Hippity Hoppity Easter will soon be here!  We are getting our bunnies and chickies out and ready to for the celebration of all that is new....Spring!  

Hippity Hoppity Pattern

Today we are building our new chicken coop for our three hens so that our new baby chickies can be moved to the trainer run.  What a beautiful spring day to be out in the sun with out hens.  I love this time of year with the bursting on color and the freshness of the air.  We especially feel the change up here on the mountain as all of our snow has melted and green is peeking out all around.

It is also our son Addison's fourteenth birthday today and so it is a day full of celebration!  After the coop is at a good stopping point we are headed up to Salt Lake City to stay at a hotel, celebrate, and attend  General Conference.  It will be a wonderful weekend for us and I hope it is for you too.

I am adding the link to my Etsy Shop where the Hippity Hoppity pattern is listed for FREE through Easter!  I hope you enjoy this gift and have a fun time stitching  this cute little bunny! Have a wonderful weekend....

All Joy,


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