Cherry Lane Boutique

Yesterday I stopped by my favorite local boutique Cherry Lane Boutique located on University Ave. in Provo, Utah in the old BYU Women's Gymnasium.  I had so much fun looking at all of the new spring displays!!! Everywhere I turned there was something I was drooling over...which happens every time you visit.
 I've decided I must have on of these chandeliers in my studio and one of the little tea pot lamps in my room right next to my grandmother's tea cup.  So perfectly beautiful!

Just a few little hints for the Easter Bunny! 

The Cherry Lane Boutique has two floors and multiple rooms overflowing with everything and anything!  My girls love it for their original a price that any fairy godmother could afford! 

For anyone out of Utah they have a great online store and most of the items in the retail store are available online too.  I hope you take some time to stop in or go online to see how delicious every inch is!

All Joy,


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