Life Is The Flower & Love Is The Honey

I am so happy to see a new month come!   I know I always say that, but January is always a gloomy an in-between to something month.   So welcome to the new month...the month of love! 

I spent Monday home with my little sweethearts stitching a new pattern....Love Is The Honey. I found this quote when I was reading some of the writings of Victor Hugo and loved this sweet message.  I have found more "flowers" in my life lately...but for sure love is the honey that makes everything sweet.

You can find this newest pattern at my Etsy shop.  I will list it this month at 25% off for the month of February.  I am working on a burlap love banner this afternoon and making some pie pops tomorrow.  Pictures to come.....

Have a "sweet" day....

All Joy,


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