A Year to Remember

It's hard to believe that 2011 is almost over...I am still eating Christmas cookies...but 2012 is just a few days away!  I can't wait to celebrate and look back at all of the blessings we have received in 2011!  

November is usually the time that we spend reflecting on our blessings....but I LOVE New Years!  It is the perfect time to look back to the year that has passed and look forward to receiving even more in the year to come.

In 2011 we were blessed with the birth of three beautiful grandsons, Mikey, Nick and Robbie.  I can't imagine not having them...and to think last year at this time we didn't know them!!!  They have made this year sooooo fun!

 Michael Robert

 Nicholas Tiangtum

Robert Wesley

As well as being blessed with three sweet grandsons we had our son Micheal leave on a mission to Seoul, Korea in February!  I never realized how many sweet experiences came to the families of missionaries....but I can truly say that having him gone doing something he loves...makes this one of my greatest blessings of the year.

Elder Michael Dorrough

Our baby girl Tina graduated from high school in May (which seems like yesterday...seriously)!  
Tina's Graduation Day

We moved our daughter Camilla and her family t0 Utah from Washington...moved our daughter Sam to Iowa and our daughter Brandy to Texas!  Our son Neal, moved back home from Arizona....I quit my full-time job to spend time with my boys and grandchildren this summer....

....and then was rehired part -time (which is heaven)!  oh...and I became the momma of a brood of chickies!  

With all of the notable events of this year it would be easy to see why we feel blessed.  Everyone is healthy and happy.  However, the greatest blessings from 2011 are the small and simple ones that often go unmentioned.  2011 was a year for which I am very grateful for and I can't wait to see what come in 2012!!!

I am going to take a little time this weekend before the rush of work and school returns to write down some goals for 2012.  I found my journal-goals for 2011 which I wrote while on a trip to Vegas on New Years last year....and funny how they all happened without me even looking at them through the year.

I read a quote a couple of days ago that said the things that matter you get done...the things that don't matter you make excuses for.  It is sooo true!  So, the key is to find what matters the most and "put a pin" in the things that don't really matter.  Sometimes it's a challenge to say "no" to things you feel you "must" do....but when you make your day and what matters the most to you a priority you will feel the joy come back into your days!

I hope you find some time to reflect on 2011 and the blessings that have come into your life this year.  I know that no matter how difficult or challenging it may have been there are always blessings to be grateful for...even if they are the small and simple things that are often overlooked!  

I wish you the happiest of New Years!

All Joy,


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Here Comes Santa Clause Sale

My goal every fall is to have all of my Christmas shopping done and everything wrapped before  December 1st so that I can relax and enjoy the reason for the season....and spend more time sewing!  I am a couple of weeks late and finally finished yesterday (except for a few things I need to pick up at our local boutique this weekend:).

 Ho Ho Ho

I spent yesterday wrapping our gifts with Gracie and had to chuckle as she thought they were all for her.  After playing Ms. Clause yesterday I thought I would give a little Ho Ho Ho by marking my Christmas patterns down by 25% through the holidays with free shipping on all Christmas patterns!  You can find the patterns at My Etsy Store.

Dear Santa

  There is much love and warmth to share this time of year and  I hope this holiday season is merry and bright for you and your loved ones.  Merry Christmas!!!

He'll Fill Your Stockings

All Joy,


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Let it snow...let it snow...let it snow!  This weekend we got 8 inches of white beauty!  I looks beautiful here in Woodland Hills.  I think the snow fairies sprinkle extra sparkle in our snow up here because our snow sparkles like it has been sprinkled with crystal dust!  

I have four projects I am working on this week that use lace dollies.  The first one I am posting is a simple easy project with a lace dollie and a scrap of wool.  The instructions are posted below.  I love the sparkle dust that shines when this is finished. 

Materials List

10" square of blue wool fabric
One 3" lace doily - White or Off White
Antique White Spray Paint
White Sparkle Glitter
Fabric Glue
Paint Brush

Frames Available at 

Place doily on cardboard backing and spray with white spray paint until white and wet.  The spray paint stiffens the doily and helps the glitter stick.

Once the doily has been sprayed (only one side) you can place in the center of the blue wool square. 

Take a paint brush and dip in fabric glue.  Lightly touch tops and edges of the doily where you want extra amounts of the glitter to stick.

Get a small amount of glitter on your brush and tab onto fabric glue spots and use fingers to lightly sprinkle all over the "snowflake".  Let dry.

Once dry....stretch wool on a piece of backing (cardboard) that will fit in the size opening on your frame and place in opening.  Time to sit back and enjoy your one of a kind snowflake that will glisten all season long!  

Time for me to go and work on my second project....a set of burlap snowflake pillows for my front sofa.  I'll post tomorrow night!

All Joy,


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